Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recurring dream

So I recently stumbled upon my old journals, and in the one I'm currently reading (Man! I was pretty melodramatic at a teenager! I wonder I wasn't stuffed in a barrel until I'd matured a bit!) I came across an entry for a dream that had recurred at least 3 times before I wrote about it, back in 1995. And has recurred at least 4 more times since then.

"Had a really old dream again:

2 sisters attracting metal with a magnet break a stone bridge in Europe or Asia that causes a temple of death to form. Plants that produce air allow them to travel to the second stage of the game.

3 sisters on skate boards must jump the ramp of a toy factory that was created by 3 brothers 50 years earlier which allows them to advance to stage three of the game.

They enter an Egyptian pyramid full of games. On the left is a room of arrow heads held by string. 2 sisters enter. 1 is dropped off on the first floor down, the other continues down, passes many levels, many people: twins in a wheelchair, Einstein, a dancer- and is grabbed from behind-- an old oriental man. The girl is talking to a woman who has 2 sons-- the girl is the Game Master-- the old man is her mentor-- sent her to prepare her to play the games."

With 15 years of perspective to look back on it with-- and plenty of movies watched since first having this dream-- I should mention that the 'games' are a more like what Jigsaw had in mind in Saw.

Puzzles against human nature where the outcome could be very gruesome death.

Ergo the temple of death.

I should also mention that I have been many characters in this recurring dream at different times. Sometimes, I'm merely an observer (as seen from this particular description). But I've been the sisters. the mother. the dancer. the Game Master.

As gruesome as the possibilities are-- this dream has never actually been a nightmare. It's always been approached as a challenge. Think along the lines of Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Even as the Game Master setting up the challenges.

...Although, I have to admit, no matter how many times I 'play' it, there doesn't appear to be a prize-- merely surviving to play the next level. And to be honest, I think that might be the end goal-- just to make it through the games alive.

I say 'appear' and 'think' because I've never dreamed this dream all the way through. I think, at furthest, I've made it through 6 levels into the temple before the alarm clock going off and it being time to wake up.

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