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Shire Website, Meeting and 5 hours of walking

Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Before I get into the rest of my day, I have to brag on Anna right now (: She's our shire webmistress, and our new shire website is up and live and AWESOME!!! www.shireofflintmarsh.com Thank you so much Anna!!

I started my day at 7 this morning...after staying up until 1 -again- last night. (I was busy finishing up yesterday's entry (: ) Well, I got up, saw that the sky was clear, made the boys some breakfast and dashed out the door and over to Wal-Mart to get my wild flower boxes. They sell 4 different varieties: "Hummingbird", "English Country Garden", "Shade", and "Mixed Perinneals". I got one box of each for the front yard, and 2 boxes of each for the back yard. I also bought the bug poisons and lawn fertilizer.

The grass that I got yesterday was Bermuda (to reseed the entire yard, front and back), Bahai (for the front yard and the few sunny patches in the back), and Fescue (for the majority of the back yard, which is very shady).

When I got home, I checked on the boys (Mark was in the house with them) and they were playing Lego Star Wars together (: So I headed into the carport to put the seed spreader I'd bought last week together. As I knelt down on the concrete in the shade to get started, I realized it was chilly this morning! So I dashed into the house to grab my coat and get back to my project (: It was VERY easy to put together, and I consider it a good investment! It spread more evenly that I could by hand. I didn't have to spread ANYTHING by hand-- so I didn't have the chemicals on my hands-- and it was all well below my knees-- so I wasn't breathing in the dust from anything either!

I started the front yard at 9, and it took me 1 1/2 hours to finish walking it and getting everything spread. I wanted to make sure each thing was properly spread, so I did them one at a time...means I passed over the entire front yard like you would with a push mower 9 times...

Then I took a break to come in, make Grandmother some breakfast, check on my guys and we headed out to look at trucks. We've decided we're going to keep an eye out for a good deal/ good truck, but save up for it right now. Both of our vehicles are working just fine...but we end up borrowing Mark's Dad's Suburban at least once a month from Spring through Fall-- we need a truck of our own-- especially for all the stuff we tend to bring to SCA events!

So when we got home, I started spreading the grass seed in the back yard. Got that finished just in time to snag my computer and head to Dothan for today's shire meeting. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting anyone to be there today. I was pleasantly surprised (: When I got there, Mike Crowe was already waiting-- but the pavilion we normally use was reserved for a birthday party...and the 2 tables we used the last time it was reserved were set up for ANOTHER birthday party! We got lucky though, and a single picnic table freed up, over by the playground.

We had about 14 people today (: It was good getting to see everyone who could come out. And really enjoyed getting to visit with everyone. But I had to leave at 3:30 to make sure I was home in time to get my backyard finished. Still had to spread the wild flower seeds, lawn fertilizer and pesticides. (We have ants, fire ants and wasps/ hornets all looking to make ground nests right now!)

I started just in time-- got it all finished just before sunset (: And while I was at the meeting, my honey got the other two ceiling fans put up. They look AWESOME! I'll have to take pictures later (my left leg is aching a wee bit too much to jump up and do it tonight).

I realized, as my legs started aching, that I'd crossed back and forth over my yard for -5 hours- today! No wonder they ache!! (lol) I certainly got my exercise (; And I'm hoping it all turns out to be worth it.

Previous to this year, I've left the yard to my father in law. Not our house, not our lawn. But if I'm going to treat this place like it's ours, then that means it's ALL ours. And he's been saying for the last 3 years that things just won't grow. That it took forever for the grass to grow where it is now. (I've been secretly spreading a -little- grass seed around by hand for the last 3 years, but decided that I'd actually make an investment in our lawn and do it 'right' this year.)

Part of the reason I want the lawn to take root is that we have a lot of bare spots that aren't astheticly pleasing-- the same reason I've also seeded the entire yard with wild flowers. When we lived in Virginia, all 3 of the houses we lived in, the yards were FULL of wild flowers! It's very lovely and gives my boys a great variety of flowers to pick without messing with my intentionally planted ones (;

Another reason is that this yard is equal parts shifty sand and compacted red clay, and the back yard is almost all down hill to the fence-- so when it rains, if there's aren't roots to hold the 'dirt' in place-- it all washes down the back yard towards the back fence, making huge (and sometimes unsafe) rutts all over the place.

It's not supposed to rain until Tuesday evening-- and I'm hoping that one is a light shower. So if I lightly water the yards for the next couple of days, perhaps they'll start sprouting.... The goal, and the hope, is to have it making strong enough roots so that the next big rain doesn't just move all the grass and flowers to the back fence.

Wish me luck! (:

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