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Spring Break 2009 (Thursday/Friday) ((:

Monday, April 20, 2009

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Since my oldest spent the night at his friends house on Wednesday, my youngest and I stopped at the video rental store and borrowed 2 xbox games-- Prince of Persia for 360, and Tetris, and 3 movies-- Marley and Me, Barbie Thumbalina, and Tale of Desperaux (which we'd actually seen in the theatre, but this was HIS choice for movies for our in-home slumber party.)

He had corndogs and marshmallows on a stick for dinner and we played video games and watched movies until almost 11 at night! That's when he finally crashed and I put him in his bed, then headed to bed myself (:

At about noon, I got a call from the mother of the friend of my oldest letting me know I could come pick him up at the Salon where she works, or she'd drop him off at 4 when she got off. As we'd spent 4 hours waiting on them yesterday and interrupting our own plans to do it, I opted to pick him up, as the original plan would have him home by 1. She let me know he was very good and that she hopes we can do it again sometime (:

After that, we opted for a day at home to recupperate from all of us staying up so late the night before-- (lol) We even laid down for a nap for 2 hours!

When we got up, Jeanie's daughter invited the boys to come over and swim in their pool.

Friday morning, I got the yard mowed. My father in law came in to give me a bit of a hard time about it though (lol), because I moved the deck up as high as it would go so it wouldn't mess with my wildflowers and new grass that are starting to grow. He said, "After the flowers bloom, you might want to cut it short. It looks better cut long when everything is the same height..." I told him I actually prefer the longer grass. It feels better on your feet and it lets the flowers grow (: He's more of a golf green kind of person, where I tend to look at yards like that and feel there's not enough nature in it.

Anyway, while I was out there, I seem to have gotten bitten by something. When I came in to wash my hands, I noticed my right arm itched-- and when I looked at it, it looked like a large broken blood vessel. I didn't pay it much attention but to think two things, 1. "I've never had an itchy broken blood vessel before...." and 2. "So it's probably some kind of bug bite." Now, I'm tracking and paying attention to the stupid thing because on Saturday, it got itchy again and the itch/ burn/ tingle radiates out from it a short distance, and it no longer looked like ...well...anything other than a slightly red area that you get from scratching. But on Sunday, it started to raise up and the area is larger that gets the itch, tingle, burn. May well be a spider bite. We'll see. And that's why I'm keeping an eye on it (lol).

Anyway! Back to Friday! So I got the kids ready for the day and we headed into Dothan for 2 things: First, so I could stop at Hancock's Fabrics to see about getting material to start on the court garb for Mark and I that I'd dreamed about months ago (; Found something I think is going to be PERFECT! I'll just need to make paper patterns before I begin cutting into the real fabric.

And the boys were so well behaved for the time we were in there, that we headed out for our second Dothan mission-- lunch at Pizza Kastle (: It's almost exactly like Chuck E. Cheeses-- except the pizza tastes good, the tokens are only 20 cents each, and most rides only take 1 token.

I had forgotten my camera again...but I suspect I will never think of my cell phone camera without thinking of "Yes Man" first (;

$10 got them 25 tokens each, and it took them almost 2 hours to spend them all! Well worth it, in my opinion. And before they were allowed to play, we sat down and both of them had 2 slices of pizza with macaroni and cheese and a cookie for dessert (:

When they finally ran out of tokens, I let them play in the play area for almost another hour.

One of the coolest things was the picture drawer (; We've seen them in the mall and they were outrageously priced, but this one was only $2, and my youngest and I decided to try it out. My oldest wasn't interested this time (;

All in all, a great way to spend our Friday. Just before heading home, we stopped at Toys 'R' Us so the boys could spend some of their Easter money. Made some really cool choices (: And when we got home, we played in the back yard with the water guns they'd chosen for HOURS. It was a great, relaxed, day, and truly an adventure at home (:

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