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Spring Break 2009 (Tuesday--Dothan Botanical Gardens) ((:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

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So after our first two hours at the local art museum, we headed over to the Dothan Botanical Gardens. When we first arrived, no one was in the main office, and the kids were starting to get hungry, so we found ourselves some picnic tables and had our first picnic of the week (:

As we finished up our meal, a golf cart drove by, with what was obviously the lady in charge giving a tour to the three other people riding along with her. So after we finished eating, we walked over to ask some questions and check out the main office garden.

And she told us there was a welcome pavilion a little bit up the way with maps of the garden and bluebird trails if we were interested. So the boys and I turned around and got ready to start our adventure through the Botanical Gardens of Dothan.

The first thing I did was make sure each of the boys had a copy of the map of the layout of the gardens. Then, I turned them loose to decide our direction and let my oldest read what the next upcoming section was going to be (:

They had an amazing assortment of statuary.

They also had a lot of lovely flowers (:

And some really cool 'other' vegetation!

Of course, the boys favorite part was the koi pond ((:

and the tadpoles ((:

By the end of it, the boys were getting tired.

While my oldest dropped to the ground for a break, my youngest stopped to consider his map.

But here are MY favorite pictures from our 2 hours at the Botanical Gardens!


Like the wonderful 2 hours at the museum before it, this was also completely free! And they have all sorts of things going on through out the year, so we may well go back again later in the season (:

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