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Spring Break 2009 (Tuesday--Wiregrass Art Museum) ((:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

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So on Monday, it was raining and I couldn't do what I'd originally planned, and on further inspection of the details of my plans, Monday was out for it anyway.

And what are those plans? Well, to go to Wiregrass Museum of Art in Dothan (which turned out to be closed on Monday ((: ), the Dothan Botanical Gardens and Landmark Park-- both of which are outside and couldn't be done in the rain.

So I am SO glad we decided to wait to do them until Tuesday instead! Before we left, I packed our lunches and made sure to bring my REAL camera this time (:

The first statue right outside of the Museum.

They loved getting to make wishes and toss coins into the fountains. Three of them were working, but the last one was dry. Then it was on to the Museum itself.

The boys LOVED it! For a place that has, in total 6 rooms, we spent 2 hours touring it! The first room we went into was the conference room, and it only had a single picture in it. But when we came back out, one of the ladies that works at the museum gave us a brochure for things to do with your kids while touring the museum-- questions to ask them, things to show them, and how to introduce them to appreciating art (:

The next room was a display on nature-- they really enjoyed the interpretive piece on the four seasons and trying to figure out which panel was for what season and why. Then we headed into a side room that was filled with VERY brightly colored pieces. The boys LOVED all the colors and wanted to touch. And it was hard to keep their hands off of it because several of the pieces were 3 dimensional and made out of things with different textures. We had our first experience with getting to be part of the art when one of the pieces on display was a really cool framed mirror (: The boys got a kick out of being a part of it by being in the image-- and it's amazing how frequently the artwork that is set up on display at this place is MADE for people to become a part of it. This museum is very much kid friendly. Before we left that room, there was even a section for the boys to put shapes together and make their own art-- and we got to discuss if it was representational vs. abstract art (: My oldest made a very representational frog, while my youngest made a very abstract car ((:

Then it was back to the nature room and the next thing we noticed was a screen that was a lot like a screen saver, covered in earth tone images, working very much like a kaleidescope. We literally stared at it and watched it for almost 15 minutes. My youngest loved when it went red-- he would cheer and tell me it looked like fire.

They had another one at the other end of the room with a projection from the ceiling of what looked like grass in the wind on the floor over 2 things that looked like what I imagine teeth would look like if they were made into child sized chairs. The boys loved dancing in the grass image around it and being part of the art (:

Then we headed down the stairs to a section that was all about paper-- rolled and painted paper, shredded balls of paper in different colors and hanging from the ceiling, and even a section behind glass that looked a LOT like my wrapping paper rolls falling down in the corner of my dining room (;

Then we headed UP stairs and into the child section and the boys LOVED it!

This was a section they could touch, play with, interact in, AND I could take pictures (:


There was another section where the boys were supposed to look for the scissors:

Found it!

They also got to play with texture and take rubbings.

And amazingly, it was completely free!

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the museum section of our day:

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