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Spring Break 2009 (Wednesday--Pioneer Village) ((:

Monday, April 20, 2009

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So after our very exciting and educational tour through the museum where we couldn't touch anything (lol), the kids needed a chance to run around and burn off their energy, while exploring things it would be alright, and even encouraged to touch (:

The kids dashed over to the tenant house to check it out. LOVED the false well in front.

Then, oh man!, I wish I'd had the video section set up as the giggled and squealed while dashing over to check out the out-house (lol).

Kids and restrooms (; It was so funny to Jeanie and I. We took the opportunity to have the kids use the modern restrooms not 10 ft away before continuing our explorations.

While they were in there, I noticed a hen house with a rooster helping make eggs (; He finished that before the kids got out and they really enjoyed looking at the chickens.

I actually got a video of this but the kids were fascinated with the 'evil' eyes of the rooster and convinced that if they got within touching distance, it was going to attack them. (lol) They sounded more excited and fascinated than anything (; And not 2 seconds after I turned the video off-- the cocky (pun intended) little bugger started crowing (;

I really enjoyed seeing my first Bottle Tree.

I thought it was very pretty and interesting, and my friend Jeanie asked if I was planning on putting them up our yard (; I hadn't thought about it until she mentioned it, but I might put something up around my gardens (:

Unlike Land Mark Park, MOST of the buildings are open to exploration at the Pioneer Museum. We all enjoyed going into the one room school house.

One of the MOST interesting things was the covered bridge.

I remember thinking, as we came up to it, that I'd only ever seen 2 others in my entire life.

I bet during other times of the year, they offer people rides on this one.

I actually got really luck that you can see all 3 kids-- when I started, Jeanie's daughter wasn't leaning forward so you couldn't see my oldest (: They played on this for about 5 minutes while Jeanie and I walked across to as close as this picture LOOKS like it was taken from (; I was actually closer to 20 ft away.

They recognized the tractor for what it was and wanted to drive it (lol). I can attribute THAT to their Grandpa Tom (Mark's Dad), who has one that looks very similar, save having modern rubber wheels (;

It's amazing, and insane to me, how LARGE things were, when things are so much smaller now (lol). When we got to this power supply, Jeanie was telling me about a 1950s coke bottle that was made in Dothan that was found in a yard recently. It was made of almost a POUND of glass!

Wow! I'd had NO idea. Without the sign to tell me, I would never have figure it out (:

They LOVED finding the tree swing! And would have loved to sit and swing much longer, but we had to be ready to leave by noon and still hadn't found the train, gone to the general store, nor had our picnic (:

Have I mentioned I LOVE the zoom on my camera?!?

Found the train! ((:

Then we had them open the general store (: The gentleman who did so was telling the kids it's what Wal-Mart would have been, back in the day (; Place where you went to buy EVERYTHING.

Including your mail!

It's strange to imagine coming in once a week to see if you'd gotten anything (;

After the general store, we headed to some picnic tables and had lunch. Jeanie and I had salad, featuring some of my homegrown lettuces! It was quite yummy (:

Then we did a quick tour of the gift shop-- I got the boys and I some postcards for the scrapbooks I'm going to be putting together this week, and we headed home, so my oldest could spend the night with one of his friends.

All in all, we had a -wonderful- time at the Pioneer Village and Museum in Troy. And we could have spent even longer exploring and adventuring if we didn't already have previous plans (: So, as it was, we enjoyed a scant 2 hours.

But ENJOY IT we did! ((:

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