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Thursday, March 26, 2009
So the boys had their 6 month appointment on Monday. 6 months ago, when I took them in, my oldest got his adult molars sealed and my youngest had 3 cavities ): The 6 months before, my oldest had 2 cavities. Since then, I've pretty much gotten rid of juice and soda in our house, and replaced them with Capri Suns and Yoohoo. And I used to brush their teeth twice a day.

Both of them are cavity free and the ladies doing the cleaning could tell their teeth are being brushed. I'd started making -them- brush their teeth. And when they're done, they have to come show me "how shiny their teeth are". If I see they didn't do a good job, they have 2 choices-- brush them again, or I'll brush them. Most of the time, my oldest opts to brush his own again and my youngest to have me do it. I suspect it's because he has so many loose teeth at his age (;

And they were both so well behaved during their appointments! I was SO proud of them! Patient while waiting for their turns. Patient while it was each other's turn (: And well behaved sitting in the seats for the cleanings. The hygenists were impressed with how well they listened and sat still for their cleanings. I told them my boys have been coming to dentists twice a year since they were 2, and that I'd always told them there's nothing to be afraid of. That getting their teeth cleaned would help them keep their real teeth as long as Grandmother is. That taking care of teeth would help them NOT have cavaties in their grown up teeth like Momma.

At that point, two things happened almost simultaneously. First, the hygenist asked me if I shared drinks with the boys. I admitted we sometimes do. Turns out, most people aren't born with the cavity bacteria in their mouth-- It's too late now to do anything about it--but I might well have passed them the bacteria while sharing drinks. ): She only mentioned it as a possibilities because it's otherwise obvious that they're taking care of their teeth.

The second thing that happened is my oldest realized he'd never seen ME go to a dentist and said, "Momma, you need to set up an appointment for you when we're checking out. I want YOU to keep your own healthy teeth until you're Grandmother's age too."

And we have dental insurance now, that will cover 2 cleanings a year... And it's been 13 years since the last time I went... So I set up an appointment for myself for yesterday.

I still remember the last time I went. I was 18. The last time I'd gotten new cavaties, I was 13... I've always had sensitive teeth. And I've long suspected that that dentist may have been a corrupt one-- He claimed I had 5 cavaties... and I suspect at least 3 of them weren't. They were on the front side of a couple of my molars...

Anyway, I was a little worried about going yesterday because, again, -13- years! And while I was pregnant, both times I was pregnant, I couldn't brush my teeth without yarking. Not even a toothbrush without toothpaste. I rinsed my mouth with water. Then rinsed it with mouthwash-- but from months 3-9, twice, I couldn't stand to brush my teeth.

So I went in yesterday afternoon, knowing my 'problem' area is right behind my lower front teeth. And I wanted them to check a couple of the fillings I have in the back on top-- they ache when it rains, or if I have a sinus/ allergy problem. Turns out they get a LOT of people this time of year coming in for tooth aches that turn out to be their sinuses. She says, if the ache comes and goes, the roots of those teeth may go up into the sinuses. But if it persists and doesn't go away, I'll want to set up an appointment because one of them might be absessing.

We did x-rays. The ones on the bottom are always the most uncomfortable ): But it wasn't too bad considering. Then we started the cleaning. As expected, the worst spot was behind my lower front teeth, but she said it was actually only moderate build-up...what took so long was that it was so -hard- (which is what it's done since I was a kid). She says it's a problem area for most people because there are salivary glands right behind them.

My cell phone is usually dead silent. Seriously. Not much in the way of phone calls. And it rang. TWICE. Back to back even. While I was getting my teeth cleaned. When I first heard it ring-- I didn't even recognize it as MY phone. (lol) I thought someone had transfered a call into her room and wasn't going to mind if she paused to answer. First was Mark. Second was Jeanie. And I told both I couldn't talk-- in the middle of getting my teeth cleaned. When I apologized to the hygenist, she said I must be busy and I laughed. Told her it almost never rings. If I was the kind of person who got lots of calls, I'd have turned it OFF first (;

So anyway! In and out in about 40 minutes, cleaned and healthy teeth, and NO CAVATIES!!! Woo-hoo! (: And when I was checking out, I set up an appointment for Mark for next Friday. And he hasn't been in 8 years...

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