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That was Smurfin'!!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

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Or, "Date Night With My Husband, a recap (;"

So a couple of months ago, Mark and I went to see a movie...Watchmen, and while we were there, we saw some previews for movies coming out in May and said, "We're going to have to see THAT in the theatre!" And this morning, decided to tonight was going to be our next date night, as long as Mark's Dad would watch the kids.

We don't do them often, so he was agreeable, asked us what time we wanted to leave-- after about 5 minutes of discussion, we decided on 6. Then we took the kids and headed out to Enterprise for some shopping.

...This is the point that I realize my second title should probably be "Date DAY With My Husband, a recap"....but that's getting ahead of myself (lol)....

The other day, while walking with my friend Jeanie around the block, she commented that she'd been to Rue 21 in Enterprise the other day and they have a lot of the type of clothes I like to wear, at really good prices. I haven't been in a Rue 21 since Missouri (read almost a decade), but I know ALL about them, because I tend to LOVE their dresses and skirts! Rue 21 is VERY much my style.... especially since "Hippie" is in again (lol). So anyway, this morning, I asked Mark what his plans were for the day, and he said, "I'd like to get the materials to make myself an armor stand."...and I thought, "You know....Enterprise has a Lowes as well as a Rue 21....", so I what I SAID, was a recap of the conversation with Jeanie (: To which my honey replied that we should go shopping in Enterprise! WOO-HOO!!!

After breakfast, I gave my oldest a hair cut--- promised him he could have a mo-hawk this weekend, and delivered on that promise. Then Mark, the boys, and I hopped in the car and headed for Enterprise. We decided to hit Rue 21 first, even though it was further away. Shortly after walking into the store, Mark and the boys headed back out to check out the local Hibbetts and get some lunch. (lol) I -know- it was so that I could shop at my leisure in peace, but Mark told me it was because all the eye candy for oogling was jail bait (; That led to my oldest asking what oogling was, and my response was, "It's Daddy's way of saying he wants to sleep on the couch tonight!" (; To which Mark said, "Oogling is staring." And proceeded to stare at my oldest until he giggled (;

So, free to shop at my leisure, I wandered around, truly shopping for myself...something I haven't really done in....seven or eight years, now that I'm thinking about it. I mean, yes, in that time, I've picked up an item here and there that caught my eye, or to replace something, but actually going on a shopping spree for clothing for me? No, haven't done that in almost a decade! I headed to the dressing rooms with WAY more clothing than anyone else going in (lol), and the young gentleman attendant told me I could only take in 4 at a time, so I hung the rest up on the door and tried them all on, taking 4 in with me at a time (: By the time it was all said and done, I had half a stack as big as before, with the half going back being pleasing to my eyes...but not on MY body, and the other half being perfect for -me-!

I snagged a couple more tops similar to what I already knew worked for me, and a couple of dresses in the same style as the one I'd picked, then went to stand in line. I'm very pleased with myself to say that I made it past the shoes without really stopping, and only gave the jewerely and hats a cursory glance. But while I was standing in line, I saw something I thought I would never see in my life: a -purse- that was right for ME. For anyone who knows me, you'll know that I don't actually carry a purse. I carry a pocket book because it holds checks...but now that we have debit cards, I've been looking for a good billfold wallet to replace it. But today, I saw a purse I couldn't resist! So it joined my rather large selection of things for me ((:

As I was waiting in line, another woman asked my opinion on what she was looking at purchasing (: I don't know about anyone else, but to me, to be in a pretty fashionable place and to be asked for advice is very flattering! And when it was my turn to check out, got to chatting with the sales woman ringing me out. I'm pleased to say I hadn't been missing out on Rue 21 for the past 3 years-- they only opened the store last September in this area (: All I'm going to say about the amount spent is that it was $100 less than I thought I was going to be spending, and well within the unspoken 'limit' I knew I had for spending (:

Then my guys picked me up and we headed over to Lowes to get our supplies for Mark, then a quick drive home, with just enough time to grab the boys and Grandmother some McDonald's for dinner, and to get ready for our date night.

As we made the turn onto our road, we saw 2 of the neighbor girls walking along the road. At the moment, I presumed they were heading home after playing at Jeanie's house with her daughter, but as we passed them, and they saw my boys, they turned around and raced after the car and followed us home (: They'd come over to play with my oldest. And I have to say, that made me happy. They've lived in our neighborhood for about 5 months, and never been allowed to leave their house. If my boys wanted to play with them, they always had to go over there. But last weekend, we came home for the shire meeting to see the girls in our yard and their dad on our roof sweeping off the pine straw (lol).

Turns out that while we'd been out, they'd come over and asked my father in law if they could have to pine straw from our roof for their yard-- the rains had washed all their landscaping pine straw away. Mark and I had just been discussing that we needed to get up there and get it swept off, so it was great to see it was already done, and beneficially to someone else ((: But after we got there, Mark climbed up and helped him finish it, and the girls came to the back yard and played with my boys.

So anyway! Back to date night! I hopped in the shower, shaved, and had to decide between 3 outfits as to what I was going to wear, and what jewelery to wear with it, after that. Took me a long time for me to do all that-- 30 minutes.

Then Mark and I kissed the boys, told them to be good for their Grandpa, and headed for Dothan. Figured we'd stop and get our movie tickets first-- 1. Because we hadn't checked show times, and 2. So we didn't have a repeat of "Changeling"-- where we don't get our tickets, show up...and decide to see one movie that's playing !now! as opposed to a movie we'd really like to see that we're going to have to wait an hour on.

We stopped at our new favorite cinema-- but they didn't have a single thing playing there that we were interested in! So we headed to our old favorite cinema, (with a brief interlude by a minor car crash. There was an on-coming truck that wanted to turn left and pass through our traffic. Our traffic was pretty much stopped-- but the car infront of us was pulled a little too far forward, so the truck honked at them to get them to back up so they could pass infront of them. They'd already stopped traffic in the left lane-- and once they had enough room, just zipped on through without checking the far right turn lane....where a car was zipping up at about 40 mph! I am VERY glad to say that the driver of that car has -excellent- reflexes, because he only tapped the front passenger side of that truck! It could have been a MUCH worse accident than it was, and I'm glad to say no one was hurt!, so we headed around them,) and got tickets for Wolverine, the 9 pm showing.

After that, we decided to drive to Connestoga. It's the steak house we've tried to go to before, except that it was closed then. Came highly recommended by our friend Mike (: And Mark called to make sure they were open. They had about a 20 minute wait, but we figured it was worth it.

Okay, before I get into the food, I need to cover a misconception I had (lol). I've always been lead to believe that steak houses are nice, dress up kind of places... Connestoga isn't really like that.... It's like a diner. It has the uncomfortable diner boothes. It has a menu with no appetizers, no soups, and no vegetables. It is -exactly- what it claims to be: a STEAK house. Meat and potatoes (: With a surprisingly good iceberg salad. And wonderful yeast rolls.

As we looked at the menu, Mark and I laughed and could tell EXACTLY why Mike would love this place (: Mark said that it's a very Irish restaurant-- all about the meat and potatoes! And I'll tell you right now, Mike was right. The steak IS excellent. And worth the wait. And the waitress was wonderful! All in all, we had a wonderful meal!

Then, as we tend to do on our date nights in Dothan, we headed over to Books A Million. There's a certain amount of risk involved when you turn 2 bibliophiles loose in a bookstore....particularly a bookstore having some AWESOME sales! We browsed and shopped for about an hour. Mark got 3 books and I got 7...and we both spent the same amount of money (lol) (; One of my books, "Phoenix and Ashes" by Mercedes Lackey, is a book I've been wanting for over a year. Was thinking I was going to have to re-borrow it from my local library, as it'd been almost 2 years since I borrowed it the first time, and I wanted to read it again. Two others, "Strange Candy" by Laurell K. Hamilton, and "What the Dickens" by Gergory Maguire, were picked up because I enjoy the writings of the authors. But the rest caught my fancy by title and blurb, "The Accidental Werewolf" by Dakota Cassidy, "I, Coriander" by Sally Gardner, "The Book of Fairies" by Francis Melville, and "tithe: a modern fairie tale" by Holly Black. We signed up for the membership-- got a cool tote bag-- that will entitle me to other 20% in store sales, as well as on-line, etc (:

When it was all said and done, we had 15 minutes to cross the parking lot for our movie (:

As we walked in the door, Mark and I smelled something we really wanted! It took me just a moment to figure out what it was: Candied Bavarian Nuts! I got Almonds, Mark got Pecans and we both got small cokes. The nuts weren't as warm as they could have been, but they were delicious! And a perfect, unexpect treat!

When we walked into the theatre, it wasn't -completely- packed, but there was no way to get up into the high seats without making a LOT of people move to get there. So we opted to sit in the right hand side of main isle seats. There's actually 1 big advantage to these seats-- you have all the leg room you could possible want or need (: Plus, they tend to put the seats in 2 or 4 seat sections, so you don't have to sit all cuddled up to complete strangers (lol).

And then the previews started. "Transformers" looks like it's going to be AWESOME!

......so I'm sure you're probably wondering why this blog is called, "That was Smurfin'!!!" (lol) If not, you don't actually read the subject line (; Just before the previews started, 5 young men came in, and sat together in the very first row. The second preview on was for, "Funny People" came on.


(lol) And at the end, one of the young guys in the front row shouted, "That show is gonna be Smurfin'!!!" To which there were several titters and giggles in the audience.

Now, I can't tell you what the next preview was. I couldn't tell you if my life depended on it. What I CAN tell you, is that it was a -good- preview, but there's not a person in that audience who wasn't thinking the same thing I was: "So is someone going to comment on the smurf?"....

And we were NOT disappointed (lol). From the middle of the theatre, a lone male voice, says, "That's Smurfin'!!!" To which the whole audience laughs (;

Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers for Wolverine in this blog (; Well.... maybe one, but you'd have to know the reference, so all my theatre friends and anyone interested in appalachian folk songs, when you get to the end of second paragraph below, just stop, until you've seen the movie.

The one question I have is, "Melissa Jenneman! Did you get a leading role in this movie and not tell any of us?!?!" (; I know it's not you, but girl! She looks JUST like you! And even plays a teacher (;

When we got to end of the movie, the only thing Mark had to say was, "It was a LOT better than I was afraid it was going to be. From the previews, I was worried about how they were going to fit all those characters in, that didn't seem like they should be there."

Me, I really enjoyed it; the whole thing (: But the one thought that bounded around in my head, regarding the ending, is "The Ballad of Barbara Allen."

And as the credits rolled, before anyone in the audience moved to get up, a quiet voice, different from the second, still from the back of the theatre, still young and male, said,

"That was Smurfin'!!!"

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