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These dreams...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Okay, so I don't know if anyone actually pays attention when I talk about having crazy vivid dreams, but I'll share one of the ones from last night, as it's pretty typical.

It starts out with Mark joining the Marines.

And today is family survival day. Yup. So we start out with both of the boys in life jackets, tucked into my jacket with me. I've always done that with the kids to keep them warm. I still do, on occassion. And for some reason, we were in an open bottom tent, on a beach, close to the tide. And on purpose. We were seeing if we could make it through the night with freezing water coming in. We faired better than some of the other families.

So it's day 2 and we move camp.

While the actual soldiers clear space on a hill to reset up camp, we spouses get the food pouch rations and figure out how to make it edible for our kids.

After the tents are up again, the kids are wore out and put inside to nap. And all the soldiers are called off to do something else while the spouses are told to go fishing. That's it. "Go fishing."...No instructions. No equipment. A 'figure it out' kind of thing.

So I start going through the pack of supplies and low and behold there's a string and a fishing hook with a feather as a directions. No bait. So I figure...well...I guess I can use some of the left over food rations and head for the beach again.

Now this is the part that I mention we've been warned to be careful as there are poisonous spiders all over the place that hunt for people. You can see them coming and you can step on them, but you have to be careful because they swarm. They're about the size of a quarter. And they move on webs like bungie cords in a sweeping motion once they think they've found a prey.

Okay, so I make it across the spider field and back down to the beach where I toss my line out and catch a Sea Elephant. Other people have caught Sea Horses (no, not the little ones, I mean horses that just happen to come from the sea).

Sea Lions (again, they're lions that come from the water).

And the occassional Seal (now those are the traditional-ish critter).


But Sea Elephants are the size of whales.

So as I'm backing away from my unexpectedly large catch, I step into a swarm of the spiders--

As I stand there ready to die from their poisonous bite, a minature centaur walks across my shoulder and shoots one of the spiders with his bow and arrow.


A couple of brownies

come up from around my neck and eat a couple more of the spiders with their bare hands-- icky legs sticking out of their mouth, and in the end, I'm saved by a side step into Gulliver's Travels, while the Medic performs 'laying of hands'

on the Sea Elephant because they're a symbol of good luck and my little hook would never have hurt it, but it had also been attacked by the spiders.

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Then the alarm clock goes off and it's time to get started with my day with very little rest from very active dreaming.

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