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Thoughts on Deathly Hollows

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Thoughts on Deathly Hollows
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Alright, if the subject line didn't warn you, and you haven't read the book yet, you can stop now (: But if you've read it, I'd love to hear your ideas.

My first thought while I was reading it... particularly after the death of Dobby was the inclination to put the book down and just call it quits. Period. But I kept on. Because, hell, it was supposed to be a children's series, right? So it -should- have a happy ending... right?

When I finished it, my first thought was... well... I wonder if they'll be willing to make it into a movie. I mean the series has been pretty dark...but for kids it's an awfully high body count!

My second thought was that considering how the series had gone, I think it ended properly.

Yea for Neville (: Mark couldn't figure out how he managed to pull the sword out of the hat when the last known whereabout was off with the goblin. I pointed out he did it the same way Harry had-- he was a true Griffindor. And regardless of what the Goblin thought, it was -Griffindor's- sword.

Yea--Snape was a good guy! Boo--Snape died ):...but he kind of had to to get that information across now, didn't he...

Then the thing that kept me awake thinking about-- the seven horcruxes. I realized that each one was destroyed by a different person. Harry--the book, Dumbledor-- the ring, Ron--the locket, Hermione--the cup, Crab...or was it Goyle?--the tiara, Voldermort--the part of himself he left in Harry, and Neville-- the snake.

All in all, worth the read I think. We'll see how they do with the next two movies.

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