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Three and a wild Night

August 15, 2008
Three and a wild Night
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My youngest turned 3 yesterday (: He knew, from the moment he woke up, that it was his Birthday. And he knew it meant being a big boy. HE got himself dressed completely by himself. HE started wiping himself when he gets off the toilet. Doing so many things by himself (: (It's about time!) He called it his "Indiana Jone's Birthday." He'd already chosen an Indiana Jones birthday cake-- and since Mark's last day at sony was the 13th, I had him stay at home to keep an eye on our son while I went to pick up the cake from Wal-Mart and to get wrapping paper, birthday cards (it took almost 40 minutes to find the ONLY Indiana Jones Birthday card-- and it plays the Indie Theme Song (: ), and a couple of last minute presents.

When the postman delivered the mail, he got 4 cards-- opened them all by himself and then 'read' them (: It was great. He made up a whole story as to what they said. "Happy Birthday. Have a great Indiana Jones Birthday. Have a good day. And a good night. You're three. Love you." Then he'd ask who it was from (: It was really cool listening to him (: He -really- wanted into that cake! But he was good and knew he had to wait until his brother got home and after they had pizza for dinner.

So I got the pizza cooking, and the plan was to eat at 5. Got Grandmother out into the living room, and she wished him a Happy Birthday, and he got up from the couch, came over, rubbed her shoulder and said "Thank you Grandmother." That was cool too-- the entire time he was opening presents, he would say "ooohhh!" And "Thank you! Thank you!" (: The gratitude of my three year old was amazing! And he -loves- the presents he got! He, his brother and my friend Jeanie's daughter played and played with them well until 9 pm (lol) Yes, I know it's a school night, and yes, I tried to tell them to go get ready to go to bed five times between 7:15 and the time they did. But they were SO excited, they couldn't stop playing. And it was a third birthday after all (;

And when my friend Jeanie came over, we visited for a while, I got to show off my two new belly dancing outfits that I bought from ebay. I put them together myself from five different vendors-- and I'm still waiting on a single piece for one of them. I'm going to wear the other one at this month's shire meeting (: It's not period in the least (lol)-- but it's SCA acceptable. All in all, with shipping, they cost me a total of $160. Seems sort of like a lot, except -I- know that trying to buy a single complete outfit, with what I've got put together usually runs between $250 and $400, and I get to decide what makes it up (: I got to bellydance for a little bit (seriously out of practice! Although even so, I apparently don't suck (lol)) and I got to show off my new drumming to the one person who really KNOWS how much I've progressed. (: She started out with me when we began last September-- but since I have the drums and she had to start working, I kept drumming and she quit (at least for now (: I think once she starts her new job and knows what her schedule is going to be, she might join me again.) And she remembers when I was teaching myself how to hit the drum at all and the first simple rhythm I put together (: My rhythms have gotten definitely more complicated (;

After they headed home, and my kids were in bed, Mark and I stayed up to watch "Taking it 2 the streets" and I have to say, I was not originally interested in buying it. The previews didn't look good enough to own, but definitely good enough to watch... but having watched it, I can say in complete seriousness that we'll be buying it (: Now, admittedly, I'm a BIG fan of dance movies-- but that one Lopez directed (or produced (whatever)) -- that had GREAT previews, but it was only worth watching, NOT worth owning... shoot, not worth watching a second time. So, what I have to say is, I'm a discerning BIG fan of dance movies (lol). Anyway, by the time it was over, it was 11:30-- and I was all hyped up on the dancing, music, doing bellydancing and drumming and still had to get up to get my oldest up for school at 6 this morning!

So I head to bed because no sleep at all certainly isn't going to work (; But I was wide awake on adrenaline up to 12:30 and since Mark doesn't have work until Monday, he took the opportunity to stay up and play computer games with his friends-- which, in all fairness, he hasn't had a chance to do in over a year because of his work and school schedule. Doesn't change the fact that I sleep better with him in the bed than I do without. Nor that I can't sleep through the noise of the controller clicking as they're being used. So I get up, close the hall door and head back to bed. Only to wake up wide awake at 1... and can't figure out why. I think I hear something. So I head back into where Mark is...but that's not the source of the noise, so I head back to bed figuring I might have dreamed it (I'm been dreaming myself awake a LOT lately-- it's where I'm conscious of my surroundings, but still asleep-- like I took a nap with my youngest the other day, and I was laying in my oldest's bed. I bolted awake because I -knew- I was in his bed and he wasn't in it-- but I couldn't remember why he wouldn't be in it. Once I was up, I knew he was at school. Perfectly reasonable, but adrenaline coursing and couldn't go back to sleep if I tried. Anyway, been happening a LOT lately.) and as I lay down, I hear it again. So I -really- start listening. And it's Grandmother talking. Pretty loudly. Really loudly, considering the time. So I open the door and we have a -very- bizarre conversation. I can tell she's been lost in one of her dreams again. It went something like this:

Me: "Grandmother...who are you talking to?"

Grandmother: "I must have been talking to you (but she looking at and facing the wall away from me)."

"But Grandmother, I just walked in."

"Who are you?"

"It's me, Janin, Grandmother."

"I'm Delma Johnson. Where am I? I was just talking to you. I was just talking to someone."

"Yes Grandmother, I know who you are. You're in your room. You're not talking to anyone. It's 1:00 in the morning."

"I'm not in my room, am I? This isn't my room. I just looked at my clock and it's 1 o'clock. And I was just talking to someone."

"No Grandmother, you're in your room, in your house. It has all your pictures on the shelves up there. Over here is the picture of your Granddaddy. There's the picture of your brother and sisters and you. There's the picture of your Daddy. Yes Grandmother, it IS 1 o'clock, but it's 1 in the morning-- I was just asleep but your talking woke me up. You're the only person in here."

"This isn't my room. This isn't my house."

"Yes, it is Grandmother. You need to try to go back to sleep."

"Well then we need to make some changes around here."

"Like what Grandmother?"

"First off, I want a lock on my door..."

"What for Grandmother?"

"So I don't just get up in the night and run off."

"....Grandmother....you don't need a lock..... you can't run off."

"How do you know?"

"....Grandmother....you can't get out of the bed on your own anymore.... You can swing your legs around and get them on the floor, but you can't pull yourself out of the bed anymore without help..."

"How do you know? You never come when I call you!"

"Grandmother, I'm here NOW because you were calling. I have to go back to bed. You need to try to go to sleep. It's the middle of the night and you've been dreaming."

"Am I the only one here?"

"...In your room?....well...no. Coco and Polar Bear, your little dogs, are in here with you.... In the house? No. The boys are in their room sleeping-- I still have to get up in 5 hours to get my oldest ready for school. I'm here Grandmother. I was sleeping until you started talking. I have to go to bed now Grandmother. Try to get some rest. I'll see you in the morning, okay?"


And I laid in bed, wide awake until Mark came to bed at 2:45. And woke up at 5:40. My oldest didn't want to get up this morning and didn't want to go to school today. (You can tell when you look at him that he's tired.) He looks like he's had a wild night, and for a 6 year old, staying up until 9:30 on a school night, he HAS. But my youngest, who stayed up just as long, got up at 6:45 and rushed outside to give his brother a hug before he hopped on the bus, and is up fresh as a daisy (; So there go my plans for going back to bed this morning (lol).

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