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Thursday, April 23, 2009

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So a very laid back day, in the whole scheme of things. Up at 6 to get my oldest ready for school, like usual. And after he headed out, my youngest and I headed to Wal-Mart. Needed to get diaper genie inserts for Grandmother, and just before we headed out the door, my youngest asked if he could bring his Easter money, so I let him.

He bought himself one of the Planet Earth elephants-- it came with a dvd on elephants as well (: And he bought a slip and slide, a toy water sprinker, and a baseball bat with ball.

I bought each of the boys a bug holder, got my oldest some flip flops of his own (which turns out to be just in time, as tomorrow is wear your flip flops to school day for $1 in support of one of the students getting chemo!), so that he'd stop wearing his brother's water shoes. I also got plenty of the cheap practice baseballs, as both of my boys love hitting them-- and my oldest can 1. hit them hard enough, he cracks them, and 2. hit them far enough they clear the entire yard and disappear into the bit of woods.

But while we were walking through, I figured I'd take a look and see if Wal-Mart carries shut off valves for showers. They don't. BUT!!! They DO carry the eco-friendly low-water usage shower heads! So I bought one for each of the showers (: They were actually on my short range "to get" list (: Just hadn't figured I'd be getting them today!

I completely forgot to get the cedar chips while I was shopping, but I DID price them, and I can go back for them on Saturday.

As we headed to the car, after making our purchases, my youngest asked if he could hold his elephant-- I took it out of it's package, and he's been carrying it around with him all day (: It doesn't have a name. He told me so. He said, "Momma, I don't know it's name. For now, it's just an elephant." (;

When we got home, he watched HIS movie, about elephants, and I headed out into the yard to spread the last of the bug poison. Made sure to water the yards after spreading it (lol) Turns out, for it to be most effective, you need to spray it down after putting it out. Wish I'd known that last year! Hoping it kills the fleas that were snacking on me yesterday evening!

I'm a bit allergic to them, and my ankles are covered in about 30 tokens from fleas-- now, I killed everyone that bit me, but that didn't stop me from getting bit! And everything I've read on-line suggests that for every 1 flea you find, there are 30 more you don't see. So I hope the poison is fast acting!

Then I switched out the shower heads. Was surprised about how easy it was! Now, I just have to check the local hardware store to see if they have a shower shut of valve-- My Grandma Betty always had one, and I've been looking (well...thinking about it anyway (; ) for them for the last 5 years. It saves a LOT of water-- you turn the water off with a flip of the switch while lathering up your hair and body (:

And while I was spreading the poison, I saw that several of my wild flowers are starting to bloom!!! Woo-hoo! ((: I think we're going to be pleasantly surprised by how many of them actually made it, but I'll hold off getting -too- excited until I see more of them (:

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