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TROY, an on-campus experience

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

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So I filled out my FAFSA and applied to start school at Troy University in Troy, AL on July 20th.... Knowing that classes start August 12th. Did all of that on-line, and as much of the rest of the paperwork that could be done on-line as well. After 3 days, I gave them a call to see what else they would need. So I've done 2 volleys of faxing things over as well. I filled out the health form and got it faxed in, check on it 3 days later, to find out that it is now required that all incoming students get a TB tine test....after having JUST gone in for a Tetanis shot with the documentation that said TB tine tests would only be required of international students.

So I went back to the doctor's office on Monday to get pricked, and went in this morning to have my negative results read. Figured, since classes start in a week, I should go up and get acquainted with the campus a little before Monday's orientation, and drop off the health paperwork in person.

My oldest and I left home at about 9:30 this morning to head up to Troy. Takes just under an hour to get there. Each of the buildings on the campus map is labeled by name...and not a clue as to what happens in each on. (lol). We -completely- lucked out and happened to park at the Admissions building (: Which is where we wanted to head first (:

As we got out of the car, a young gentleman pulled up beside us in a TROY truck, and then campus security pulled up to let him know he couldn't park there. Gave the guy a bit of a hassle-- then it was my oldest and I's turn (: I asked where to get a visitor's parking pass-- he said I wouldn't need one. Asked where admissions was, and that's when I learned we were RIGHT where we needed to be (: Then I asked where health services was and got excellent directions, a friendly smile and good luck on our way (:

We didn't have to wait long to talk to the lady at the admissions table. From listening to her talk with the student before me, I already knew that I'd need to head over to the police department for parking stickers, and that financial aid was just up the hall. So all I had to ask was if it would be possible to get copies of my NSU and JMU transcripts for when I talk with my advisors. Yes! It would just take a moment to print those out for us (: Then I asked if it was possible to register for classes today, and she said I -might- be able to talk with my advisor and do it today, depending on the department, but most of them would require that I go through Orientation on Monday first.

After thanking her for her help and getting the transcripts, we headed over to financial aid. The line was slightly longer, but soon enough, it was our turn. The conversation began with the lady complimenting my necklace (: It's the one Mark got for me when we were at the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado 4 years ago-- moutain forget-me-nots set and preserved in acrylic (: Then I asked after the status of my financial aid (as, again, classes start in -1 week-!) to find out that I'd need to go talk with my financial advisor down the hall and there was paperwork waiting on my signature.

My advisor was on the phone and directed me to the lady that shared the office with her. And our conversation began with my oldest noticing a zombie kittie postcard that she had on the window sill-- that her best friend had given her, along with the biker frog figurine she had by her plants (: Not all of my paperwork had been scanned in, so she had to pull it from my advisor's "need more information" pile-- where it turns out that all of the pages have been MARKED that they've been scanned....

Anyway, I signed the required paperwork (which I wouldn't have found out about if I hadn't gone in ASKING!), and was informed that I would have to wait for all of my paperwork the be verified before they would send me my letter....which should be sometime next week.... with no information nor advice on what that will mean if it should happen AFTER Tuesday, when fees are due.....

I'll call again tomorrow (; As anyone who knows me will be able to attest, I'm friendly, but persistent (lol).

So then my oldest and I climbed back into my car and drove around to find parking so we could go into health services. And just as we got out and started across the parking lot, who should pull up, but the same security gentleman that helped us before! Stopping to check with us and see how we were fairing (: He pointed out the building and doors we'd need, and gave my son 2 golf balls he had in his cart (:

We walked up the hill and over to the health services building to turn in the TB tine results. Then went around the corner to see a large sign on the Police Department door announcing that parking stickers would not be available for at least 3 weeks, and to just park in the commuter and residential zones until they came in. We went in anyway to ask if there was an email notification system or anything that we would need to sign up for to make sure I know when the stickers come in, and she let us know there'd be all sorts of signs posted when it happened, and that once I register for classes, I'll be on Troy's email system and they'll send it via that as well.

Then we headed over to the Education Department building--but before we walked all the way over and entered it, I decided to give the department a call-- just in time to find out that none of the advisors will be in until Monday (lol).

So my oldest and I climbed back into the car and headed back to Ozark. Went up there to do -exactly- what I'd planned to...and not a bit more. To be honest, I'm surprised at how disorganized Troy appears to be. I'm hoping talking with my advisors and going through Orientation will prove more satisfactory on Monday.

So we got back to Ozark around noon and headed over to Wal-Mart to get the oil changed in my car. We went ahead and got lunch while we were there, and got the batteries replaced in both of our watches.... It took them 2 hours to change our oil (lol). Fortunately, we weren't in any hurry, and my vehicle was due for it, as this is the car I'm going to be driving up to Troy on the days I have class.

Keep your fingers crossed that I manage to schedule all of them for Tuesdays and Thursdays!!! I don't want to have to drive up there every day if I can avoid it!

And in all of this, my oldest was -awesome-! (: We actually enjoyed our adventure today, and it was a great practice of patience (:

And it looks like Karma is rewarding me!!! My coloring books just arrived in the mail! (((:

Here's hoping that everything runs smoothly and well next week!

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