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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

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Or "The Day That Didn't Follow The Script" (; (Oh so very Thankfully! (; ) or "Just a Day in the Life of Janin" (((:

So I've known since classes started that we were going to have our first Educational Psychology test set for today. I treated it like I've done...well...every test I can remember. Do the reading homework. Take good notes. Pay attention in class. Write the vocabulary out.... That's it. I'm not the kind of person who can cram.

But almost every person I spoke to said it was an extremely difficult test. Paragraph length questions. Two sentence minimum for the possible answers. Etc.

And I haven't taken an exam in about 8 years.

So I've been kind of freaking out about this exam for the last week. Around doing another art project (this time, a Nevelson box project). Couldn't sleep. Mark even teased me about fretting about the test. (lol) His exact words were, "I didn't think you ever worried about tests.... You never did before." To which I responded that he was right. And his response was, "So knock it off." (;

Anyway, I went to bed last night mildly dreading today.

I was looking forward to Ballet and Methods of Dance today to keep my mind off the Exam.

So in Ballet, we spent the first half of the class discussing our midterm papers. To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to it (: And we only had 45 minutes left in class, so she asked what we'd like to do, and we wanted to end the class stretchy (: So we spent the rest of the class stretching. OH MAN!! My legs were like noodles when we were done (: And I think I ended up more flexible than we started (:

And in Methods, found out I'd gotten an A on the test! (Woo-hoo!) And got to watch a couple of videos of my teacher, when she was my age, performing square dancing/ clogging. She was GOOD! And it looks like a lot of fun (: We'll be starting on Thursday.

So I didn't have to change my clothes, because I hadn't gotten all hot and sweaty like I normally do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (lol). The other day, Mark and I were talking about it-- I've lost 10 lbs since school started 1.5 months ago! (:

And I LOVED the cooler weather this morning!

Anyway, so I didn't have to change...and I now had 2 hours before the dreaded exam to dwell on it.....

Joined a couple of my classmates that were studying. We were ALL nervous.

Headed in, had my scantron ready..... and then he passed the exams out.

I read the first question, still nervous, then thought, "THIS is the test?..... Really?..... But.... But.... I KNOW this!" And got less and less nervous as I took the exam. There were only 50 questions, of which I can with certainty there are exactly -2- I guessed on because they didn't ring any bells at all. There were also 4 that are in the category of what I would call a HARD test: at least 2 possible answers, with slight variation between them where only -1- is going to be more right. It took me a grand total of 20 minutes to complete (:

I figure, at absolute worst, where what I know is wrong-- I -might- get a C. But it's far more likely that I got an A or a B.

So I had an hour before my next class, and the presentation of the Nevelson boxes. I was SO impressed with my classmates work! (: They REALLY got into the project. And this project was the hardest one for me so far. I just didn't 'get' a Nevelson box, and was so distracted by the exam, that I didn't PUSH myself like I usually do. And you could tell. It's not bad. Maybe a B. But it's not my normal standard. As Mr. Skaggs noted, "It's really subdued for you." But if I thought everyone's individual box was cool-- what we did next was -awesome-!

I wish I'd brought my camera! They were all put together to form a larger Nevelson type installation, and it was AMAZING! We put a couple of lights on it and looked at it with the shadows-- even used a couple of Mr. Skaggs clear folders to change the lighting (: We're going to get to look at them a little bit more on Thursday (:

When I got home, my oldest had Karate and I dropped my youngest off at my Father in Laws, like we normally do on Tuesday since I started school.

My oldest is REALLY getting good at his current form-- and doing better than I would have expected about remembering his -previous- forms! I was VERY proud of him today. Even before the class began, there was a new student who needed help-- and my son walked over and showed him the proper way to put on his belt, bowing before stepping on the mat, bowing when they step off, and where to go to get his attendence card. VERY proud of my not so little boy (:

After practice, we headed over to my Father in Law's, and my youngest was over visiting with the neighbors. (lol) He's apparently been over there bsing with them for the last half hour (; When I got there, Mary was telling me about the story he'd been telling her, about getting bitten by a snake and having to be rushed to the hospital, where they gave him oxygen (at which point, my 4 year old pantomimed putting on an oxygen mask). He had her cracking up (: And while we were there and she was recounting, my father in law asked him if the snake bit him in the butt, and he laughed wickedly and said, "Yup!" Then rushed over to tell his brother about getting bit in the butt by a snake and having to go to the hospital (; It was SO my child (lol).

Then my oldest showed them his Karate form and was telling them about when we lived in Virginia.... in the white house. (lol) Now, he's not -wrong-, but he wasn't aware that 1. Most people hearing Virginia and white house in the same sentence are going to think THE white house, where the president lives, and 2. that he hadn't provided enough details to prevent that assumption (; So Mary is convinced I have two of the best story telling little boys she's ever met, with tremendous creativity (; (Which is true (lol)).

Then we headed home, and my little boys made dinner VERY easy on me tonight-- youngest wanted Eggo waffles, and oldest wanted Fruity Pebbles (lol). Don't see me complaining about fixing breakfast for dinner tonight (;

So all in all, this day didn't go at ALL like I thought it would-- It went SO much better!

And I am -extremely- grateful for it (:

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