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Twilight and the rest of the series... Be Forewarned: SPOILERS!

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Twilight and the rest of the series... Be Forewarned: SPOILERS!
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This is an amendment to this blog: Last night, I was skimming through the website for the author, and she wants the readers of this series to experience the books in a particular way-- that has to be done by READING the books. So if you intend to read them, and you haven't done so already, go ahead and STOP READING THIS BLOG right now. There. Now, on to the regularly scheduled blog (lol).

So we started our Christmas 2 days early, and opened our presents at home before getting ready to leave for Texas on Christmas Eve. And I got all 4 of the Twilight series books. After getting the house cleaned up from opening presents, and getting the kids to bed for the night, I settled down to start in on the first book….

Before I get into the story, I had the opportunity to 'see' how quickly I read (lol). I gave myself 3 hours to read that night, and completed reading the first 270 pages in that time, which is 90 pages per hour, which is a page and a half per minute—which means I read at about 450 words per minute for leisure reading (; (yeah, (lol) I'm bragging a little bit, but I got a lot of flack from my in-laws for reading all 4 books in 3 ½ days!) I should also mention this won't just be a review (lol), as it's also about me reading the books as part of my vacation (; And that –this- is the first of my 'vacation blogs' (;

As an overview of the series, having read both Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books, as well as Anne Rice's Lestat series, and having watched the entire Buffy series FIRST, I'm inclined to say it's not bad for a 4 books aimed at tweens covering romance, vampires and werewolves. I WILL say that the most creative idea Stephenie Meyer had was in her final book, regarding the child born of a vampire and human union. Up until that point, the ideas covered are watered down, and not nearly as well written, as what can be found by the previous 3 sources. That said, I still enjoyed reading them (;

I saw the movie with Mark when it came out—I admit it, the hype had me curious. But the movie made me want to read the books. I'd had so many people (including complete strangers while grocery shopping for goodness sakes!), tell me that the book is so much better than the movie—and having been in their shoes on numerous occasions myself, I wanted to read the book for myself. I have to say, they did a pretty good job of translating the book into a movie and made changes they needed to in order to help with that adaptation to screen. But, as with any movie that doesn't have voice overs, they couldn't cover how the characters FEEL, and what they think, when they're thinking to themselves, the same was reading the book can. And that right there is what was missing from the movie—what makes it so much easier to identify with the characters.

I don't know if I'm biased after having read the complete series, or if it really was in the first book, but my two favorite characters are Jake and Alice (: I found myself off and on irritated with Edward and Isabella. I have a hard time identifying with indecisive characters, and to be honest, found the –human- Isabella to be kind of whiny.

I realized as I got into the second book, and each book after that, that I'm more of a werewolf person that a vampire person. Given her choices, I'd have chosen Jake over Edward. I've never been drawn to the dead, and can't stand the thought of eating blood for the rest of my 'life'—Speaking of which (lol), I had my first "I identify with that" moment when Bella was explaining why she doesn't like blood—the smell. And Edward is sorely mistaken in the belief that humans can't smell it. To me, it smells like old pennies. It's probably a by product of frequent nose bleeds as a child, but the taste and smell of blood is outright revolting to me.

And Edward deciding that leaving was in her best interest PISSED ME OFF! I did, however, like the way Ms. Meyer showed that Isabella was not coping with that well with the Months listed….and empty pages. THAT had way more impact that anything she could have written in that time. And then to see how much had changed in Bella's life once she started paying attention to it again.

I found the idea of imprinting interesting as well—and had suspected they were more like shape shifters than werewolves, so was pleased to see I wasn't the only one who came to that conclusion. I also thought it was very interesting that BECAUSE there were vampires, the tribe was responding on a level they had no control over, and therefore there were 'werewolves'. I also liked that they would have a choice to continue, 'frozen in time' or to stop being protectors and age and continue on in their normal lives once they learned how to control themselves.

After the wedding, in the final book, I had to force myself to read it to get to the final outcome. I didn't like it. I KNEW she was going to end up pregnant. I KNEW it wasn't going to go well. And I made myself read it anyway. I hated reading it, truth told. But it started to get interesting again the moment Jacob imprinted with their daughter. For some reason, although I thought her self control and other 'powers' were very cool, I didn't much like the last book, though I liked that the tribe and the Cullens made peace and worked together, and I'm glad it all ended peaceably. I found that Alice not being able to see the shape shifters, nor Nessie's future interesting. And even more interesting that there were others of Nessie's kind. To grow to maturity in 7 years…. And be practically immortal afterwards.

All in all, not a bad series. I'm sure I'll read them again at some point in the future. But they're not among my favorites.

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