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Two little boys on my mind today

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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This blog is starting out about my youngest son, because I've been reminded of why I want to write it so many times this week.

Mark's Grandmother tends to accuse him of not being able to talk-- admittedly, he didn't really start talking until he was 2 1/2-- but he's talking plenty now! Sometimes she does it because she figures he isn't saying anything because she can't hear him, sometimes she does it to be ornery to -get- him to say something to her, and sometimes, she just does it to be mean. I try not to get mad about it because I understand it's an aspect of her dementia, but it's on my mind and makes me aware of his speaking.

In the last couple of months, he's also started saying, of things that taste good, "That's Delicious!" And if someone poots, he's eating something he doesn't like, or any other time it'd be appropriate, he says, "That's Disgusting!"

Day before yesterday, he was drawing-- and I'm -very- impressed! He's 3 1/2, and he was drawing, and you could begin to recognize WHAT he's drawing. And while he was drawing, he started a bigger picture and said, "This is a juggernaut!" If you've seen Kung-Fu Panda, Tigress's challenge is taking on the Juggernaut-- and he did a very good drawing for it-- you could see the idea of it there.

While we were headed to Wal-Mart yesterday, he said to me from the back seat, "Momma, when we get home, can I play xbox?" And I said, "If you're a good boy while we're shopping." And he said, "It can be arranged?"

He has an active imagination and, to my way of thinking, a great vocabulary.

Well, this morning, I'm also thinking about my oldest son. See, he's 7 years old today. I can hardly believe my baby is that old already! And he's becoming such a great person!

He's kind. He's thoughtful. He's funny. He's smart. He's better at math that I was at his age (:

He's an amazing climber-- we have a rope swing in the backyard, and he'll spin it into a thicker rope and use it to climb up to the tree it's tied to. There's hardly a tree he can't figure out how to get up into.

He's getting so much better at reading! He just started reading some of his Alphabet Mystery books, and is starting The Chronicles of Narnia all on his own.

A couple of weeks ago, when we started discussing his birthday, I told him we could do one of two things-- either I could bring cupcakes to school on his actual birthday (today), or we could have a party where his classmates and friends are invited over on Saturday. He chose Saturday.

But because today is his actual birthday, he got to have chocolate doughnuts for breakfast this morning. And when he gets home this evening, he's requested mac and cheese, hamsteak, greenbeans, and brownies for dinner (: That's a tradition I got from my mother-- she would always let us choose our favorites for dinner on our birthday (:

We're saving the presents until Saturday. He's only requested 2 things-- xbox 360 games-- Legos Star Wars and Banjo Kazooie. My youngest and I found Banjo at Wal-Mart yesterday, but they're out of the other, so today, my youngest and I will be headed to Dothan to see if we can find it up there. Way more stores to choose from.

He was so excited about going to Karate last night-- they have this birthday thing they do where the person having a birthday has to bearcrawl a guantlet between the rest of the students who spank them gently with their Karate belts (: He loved it finally being his turn (lol).

And he's excited about today. He told me this morning that only one person he knows of ever got in trouble at school on his birthday, so he's hoping to come home with a green and have a GREAT birthday day at school (: He says he'll get to wear a special crown today. And they'll sing him Happy Birthday.

He's invited almost 20 people on Saturday, but I'm not expecting more than 10. We'll see how it play out though (:

Just very impressed and thankful for my beautiful little boys this morning (:

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