Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vulgar, nasty, and just plain mean

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vulgar, nasty, and just plain mean
Current mood: grumpy

Those are the three descriptive words I'm forced to use today to describe, not only my youngest son, but his great grandmother as well...

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It's not the water. I've been drinking it. I'll hold my full opinion until my other two guys come home later today. But at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if my oldest son tipped over the local gas station for bubble gum.

I guess you could say it started at 3:30 this morning. I would. Because that's when I was awoken from an otherwise peaceful and FULL, I might add!, night's sleep by the sound of my name being screamed out in terror. Grandmother was having one of her nightmares. Apparently, she was going somewhere, didn't want to go, and wanted me to lock the door behind her bed. (There is no door behind her bed.) She also wanted me to tie her to her bed so 'they' couldn't make her go anymore. Had no idea where she was. What time it was. Or that she was even in a bed. I calmed her as well as I could, got her settled and went back to bed.

To be woken by Mark at 5, my youngest at 5:30, and having to get up at 6-- When she called out for me again-- this time with her legs hanging off the bed because she'd been dreaming she needed to go somewhere. But it wasn't the restroom-- and she just wanted to go home and go to bed. So I got her settled up in her bed again, turned on her television for her and brought some coffee and cereal with her morning meds so I could take care of getting my oldest ready for school today.

Today is his AR party. AR is related to learning to read. And every student in his class is at the goal for December, so they're going to the Fun Zone in Dothan. I hope he has a -great- time. Well, 10 minutes before he left on his bus for school, his little brother woke up. I could already tell he hadn't gotten enough sleep last night.

That was confirmed when, at 10 o'clock this morning, he's sitting on the couch, telling me no, blowing raspberries at me, refusing to eat and generally being rude and disrespectful. I thought we got it under control, when not 10 minutes later, he has one of the toy guns and he's imagining to himself and talking to the pillow. And I hear him say to the pillow while brandishing the toy gun, "You like that bitch?"......

I was shocked. I was stunned. I still have no idea where he would have heard that. And still can't believe my -3- year old said it! I made him repeat what he'd said because I couldn't believe it. And I popped him in the mouth. Then spanked him and sent him to bed for a nap. After making it -very- clear that that is never okay and he will -never- say it again.

Well, shortly after that, Grandmother called for me. Again completely lost while in her own bed. And starting to have an attitude about being told she's in her bed and it was dreams.

I laid down to try to take a nap. Only got 20 minutes before my father in law came in and it was time to bodily move Grandmother to the potty chair in her room. She'd been there for 15 minutes when she called for me, asked me for her remote and then nastily told me she was going to get a remote of her own and tie it to her wrist. I pointed out it WAS her remote, and asked if she was done yet-- she wasn't.

I mentioned it to my father in law when he came in 10 minutes later, and I'll tell you now that was a bad idea. Because as we headed in to get her cleaned up and back into her bed-- he started teasing her about us stealing her remote. Her tone never changed as she said, "When you two get sick, and can't get up, I'll make sure you don't have your remote. I'll take it away and won't bring it back until I come into the room. And I'll hide it from you so you can't turn it on or change it .. the channels or the volume. So you can't see what you want and you can't hear it anyway."

Even as we bodily put her in the bed, he teased her again. She was now going on about not having had anything to eat for the day (remember the coffee and cereal?) and being starved. He said, "Sorry Mom. We've been busy stealing remotes." As I walked in with her ensure and crackers, she scowled at me and I said, "Well...normally, I'd recommend that his mom needs to spank him...but that's -you-." And smiled trying to lighten her mood a little. Her response was a nasty, "Now you see why I never had anymore."

So I'm sleep deprived. She's having one of her bad days-- which sort of goes with the territory of dimentia....not that it makes it any easier to put up with and NOT lose my own temper (though I've done well so far, fortunately). My youngest appears to be doing better since his nap, but we'll see how the rest of the day goes, since it's only 1 pm now... I suspect the next 8 hours are going to take -forEVER- to pass. sigh.

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