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Thursday, June 11, 2009

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...although, officially, I'm not actually paying any attention to my -weight-, it's been exactly 1 month since I started doing P90X, so it's time to retake my measurements. (:

I've been getting up at 4 every Monday through Friday for a month now, to exercise for an hour, starting at 5 am, with my son's Karate teacher, and 4 other adults. On the rare occasion that class has been canceled, I merely substituted with a dvd (not P90X) from my collection.

I've been keeping a journal of the kinds of exercises we've been doing, and I'm not going to lie-- P90X is an -extreme- workout. And there are plenty of the moves I have to modify so I can get anywhere -close- to doing them....and some I outright just can't do. But I keep trying.

I like how each day is something different. Core. Cardio. Yoga. Kempo. Weights. Stretch. You get the idea (;

Now, I'm not going to list my measurements (lol), but I WILL list what the change has been between when I started, and where I am now, 1/3 of the way into the program (:

Neck has gone down 1/4"
Right Shoulder Circum. has gone up 1/2"
Left Shoulder Circum. stayed the same, and now both sides match.
Right Bicep has gone down 1/4"
Left Bicep has gone down 1/2", and now both sides match.
Bust has gone down 2 1/4"
Waist has gone down ***4 1/2" ***!!!!
Upper hips have gone down 3"
Lower hips have gone down 2"
Right thigh has gone down 3/4"
Left thigh has gone down 3/4", and both sides still match.
Right calf stayed the same
As did the left, and they still match.

All I'm going to mention about the weight is that I've -gained- 4 pounds, but lost a clothing size (: I'm fitting into clothing that has taunted me for a year and half-- and am better equally proportion on each side than when I began (:

I hadn't expected there to be much of a difference this early in. So I'm kind of expecting the changes to slow down by the time we take measurements again in a month (lol).

For anyone considering P90X, I'll say there are portions of every one that I really enjoy-- and portions of every one that I outright HATE-- but I do them anyway because I'm after the results. I'll also say that if I wasn't doing it with other people, I doubt I'd be doing it at all. Other people give you support to push through and do the things you can't stand, hold just a little longer, laugh when NONE of you can do what they're doing on the screen. You don't feel quite so....inadequit. (lol) You realize that the people in the video are REALLY in shape. So having other people at your fitness level laying on the floor panting with you while everyone on the screen is jumping up and moving on to the next thing is a little easier to take (; And Tony, on the screen, saying that you don't HAVE to try to match these people, especially when you're starting out, is WAY a big help as well!

The program comes with a diet, but I'm going to say right now, I'm not following it. I don't do diets. Period.

Instead, I'm eating healthier meals, in healthier sized portions, with healthier snacks throughout the day. I AM following the recommendation to eat every 2 1/2 - 3 hours during waking hours to keep the metabolism up. Sometimes, all that means is a handful of roasted almonds. Or celery with peanut butter. You get the idea (;

My reasoning runs like this-- you should eat the way you're going to be able to -maintain- eating, even when you're done with the program. Because diets aren't meant to last, and everyone I've ever known who DOES diet, ends up gaining LOTS of the weight right back when they start eating normally again. I'd rather have smaller results, that are more inclined to last, than AMAZING results that would disappear when I started eating like me again.

And I have to admit, besides fitting into my clothing better, and my husband noticing that I'm firming up, I -feel- better getting exercise. I have more energy. I can -do- more. It's amazing to me, in retrospect, to see how tiring doing nothing really is. (;

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