Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What if Jesus ran a day spa?

Monday, February 09, 2009

What if Jesus ran a day spa?
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Okay, before anyone gets upset, let me just say this is a blog about my dream last night. When it comes to Jesus, he has periodically featured in my dreams throughout my life. And as for my own religious views, I consider him to have been an exceptional man, but no more the son of god than is any other person. I don't believe he died for my sins-- I hold myself responsible for my own actions.

NOW, that aside, here's the dream I had last night.

It started in Rome. Back in the time when they -weren't- in ruins. Like Egypt in it's hayday. And Jesus performed his healing via the use of mud. No one eating it-- just topical application to the skin. (I blame this particular part of the dream on the movie Coraline....or Wanted (lol)). Had a whole slew of mud baths set up so that he could help people.

Then the dream shifted-- it was 400 years later. I was still around. So were about a dozen of the other people featured in the dream (NO!~It was -not- the disciples!)-- but Jesus was gone and we couldn't figure out 1. Why Rome was in ruins, when it hadn't been in our youth. (Hadn't caught on to the shift in time yet.) 2. Where everyone was. 3. Why we were all here when Jesus hadn't made it. 4. And why the mud had turned to dust.

I had just figured out the shift in time and was assuming all 4 aspects of 'the future' were related when my alarm clock went off and woke me up.

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