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What’s Your Bucket List?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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I really liked that movie, but I've also always liked the story about filling the bucket ( as opposed to kicking it.)

Here is a little story about what a bucket can teach us. It goes like this: A professor walks into a class and puts a bucket on the table. He then proceeds to put a couple large rocks into the bucket and asks the class if it is full. Since there are rocks protruding from the top of the bucket the class agrees indeed it is full. Next he brings out some gravel and proceeds to pour it into the bucket filling in the gaps between the larger stones. Finished he asks is it full now? Once again the class agrees. Then he proceeds to pull out a container filled with sand. As he pours the sand into the bucket the class erupts in laughter. The entire container of sand is emptied into the bucket. Once again the class is asked if the bucket is filled. Finally the professor pulls out a container filled with water and pours the entire contains into the bucket until the water reaches the top.

The analogue being of course: If you fill your bucket with the gravel, sand and water you will never be able to fit the big rocks into the bucket. The big rocks are the things most important in your life.

I'm of the opinion that –both- buckets matter. And both are worth taking the time to think about.

The most important things in my life are family and self expression. And I've made the time for both. I'm pretty sure they're major contributors to my happiness (lol). I don't anticipate ever finding a paying job that's anything other than water to me. I don't mind working. I don't really care what I'm working –at- though, as long as it doesn't take too much time away from my family, it's legal, pays the bills, and has some amount of variety to it. I'm not looking for a career. A career doesn't matter to me. Raising my kids right and watching them turn into their own wonderful persons. That matters to me. Spending time with my husband. That matters to me. Keeping up with the happenings of my friends (: Drumming—I –love- drumming. Dancing (: I'm out of practice, but I hope to get better at it. Like anything else, practice will help me get there. Random acts of art in various forms (lol). They happen as promised—pretty randomly and in all forms from music and drawing to cooking and sewing. Those are all things that matter to me.

As for the things I'd like to get done while in this life:

1. I always wanted to learn an instrument. (lol) I just never figured it was going to be percussion (; I really enjoy playing my doumbek and frame drum. I'm still mostly a beginner, but I practice regularly, and that sure helps (:

2. I want to go on my honeymoon. We put it off when we got married, and we're going to be celebrating -9- years this Halloween! For next year, I want to celebrate it. I'm thinking perhaps the Texas Renaissance Festival (if we do states side), or a visit to Hungary/ Romania (if we do cross country).

3. There are lots of things in California I'd like to see—

The Circus Trees

Go to the Jareth Ball

Daffodil Hill

4. I'd love to take a summer when the boys get older and just drive to all sorts of festivals and destinations across the U.S. Pick a spot and go. More about the journey than the destination. My family never did that sort of thing. It was always about GETTING somewhere. But Mark has so many stories of just going, with the eventual destination being reached, but the journey being what he remembered most.

5. Find as many of my friends as I can. That's the number one reason I joined MySpace, Facebook and Livejournal.

6. Go to Las Vegas for the shows!!! In the same vein, I'd love to see the stage production of Lion King, Dinosaurs ALIVE!, STOMP, Ragtime, and Cirque de Sole (:

7. Go to a weekend long bellydancing/ drumming seminar—get to see several of the top bellydancers perform LIVE and take classes from several of my idols (:

8. Learn how to hoop dance. And possible how to dance with poi (: I don't know if I'll ever have the courage to try doing it with either on fire (lol).

9. I always wanted to learn how to juggle, so I did (:

10. I'd like to go back to school and –finish- my degree. Probably go for business instead of art this time. I don't know more than 4 people who are actually working at what they went to school for. But I've go the basics for starting my own SCA merchanting business and I'd like to have the knowledge to do it properly. This turned out to be a bad year to try to start out (; But it's been educational and I don't mind putting it on the back burner for now until the economy starts picking up.

11. To go for a full week to Gulf Wars. And the same for Pennsic (: Until the kids get MUCH older, that will mean letting someone else watch them while Mark and I go. But I think we'd have a GREAT time! Especially once Mark gets his armor finished (: Me, I'd spend all day in classes while he was out on the field, and at night, we could go to the parties and just hang out with our friends!

12. To take the kids to Disney World, Nickelodeon, and/or Universal Studios.

13. See several sights around the world—revisit many of the castles I saw as a kid to enjoy as an adult (: Plus lots of places I –haven't- been. Like Egypt, Turkey, China, Korea, Japan.

14. See my biological family in Hawaii. Seeing Hawaii won't be a bad part of the deal either (lol).

15. See my kids grow up and become the wonderful individuals they're on the path to being. Meet my grandbabies. Perhaps even great grandbabies (; (Obviously, those are WAY long term goals (lol))

16. And we try to have a little fun in every day. Let those we love know we love them. And try to do something fun for everyone at least once a month.

And I don't plan of waiting for the end of my life to get started on any of them (;

As my friend Cait said in her blog "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body; but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate bar in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'Woot, what a ride!'"

(Though I'll take an amaretto sunrise instead of a martini (lol)).

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