Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The wonder that is my little boys

Saturday, October 20, 2007
The wonder that is my little boys
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My kids amaze me. My five year old had his first TWO teeth left for the tooth fairy recently. The two bottom center have been loose for about a month. And finally, he asked his Daddy to pull one of them, and I the other. The tooth fairy left him 2 quarters under the pillow. (grin) He was SO proud. I just uploaded his proud toothless smile!

And my youngest-- my 2 year old hit his first three thrown baseballs with a bat tonight! I tossed them to him, (admittedly, I'm sure I threw somewhere close to 20) and he actually swung the bat and HIT 3 of them!!! And my oldest has been nailing thrown balls for the past year and half. I'm really interested to see what he's going to think of t-ball, which is what they're playing at his age...when he's been playing -baseball- with the neighborhood kids for the last year. LOL.

My 2 year old also tore off down the road tonight on his tricycle. (Proud Momma grin). His brother and our neighbor ride their bikes all the time, but my youngest just can't peddle and I get tired of pushing him around on the bike with training wheels.... so this evening, I finally got the idea to bring his trike OUTSIDE-- he had a BLAST getting to 'ride bikes' with his brother and our neighbor!

My big boy got his first report card from school two days ago. He did so very well! He's sight reading about 30 words now, writes every day in his journal, draws all the time and really well!, and is a great helper and very thoughtful.

I really enjoyed the company of my children tonight. I'm proud of them-- who they are and who they're becoming. It's amazing to watch them grow!

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