Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yin and Yang

Another Senior Year High School short story, way back in 1995.

Yin and Yang

I've landed on the rim of an endless spiral-- day leading to night, night leading to day; it's an

endless cycle. As I swirl towards the center, my eyes are blinded by the white of day. When my

sight adjusts, I see that the sun that lights this world is a negative-- black as night. I slowly turn,

the darkness is overwhelming-- as the light was blinding, the dark is blind. The moon that guides

me through that void is as brilliant as day. This world is a mirror-- opposite of all that exists on

my own. Traveling the thin line between day and night, the spiral floating around me, I am

reminded of eternity-- forever repeating, forever existing. I am once again on the rim-- I look

back and realize that though the contrast of day and night is harsh in this world, they exist in a

ceaseless unity unknown to my own.

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