Friday, July 9, 2010

Adventures in a Lazy Day

So this morning, at 10, I took my boys to the local playground to play again-- but not 2 minutes after getting there, they both came over to me saying the slides were too hot to touch, the metal of the swings/other parts were too hot to touch-- even the WOOD was too hot to touch!

So we decided to go on the walking path. Let me rephrase that (lol) -I- walked on the walking path. They headed immediately for the ditch at the bottom of the hill (; Made it across completely dry. We headed over to look at a culvert and everything.

Then we headed up the other hill towards the sound of children laughing.

My oldest took point, my youngest in the middle saying, "We're headed on an awesome ADVENTURE! We're going on a long, long, long journey!"

As we crested the hill, we could tell the laughter and children's voices were coming from behind one of the buildings, so we headed that way. Turns out there was another playground in the shade, and Camp Oz was having lunch there. My boys joined them for 30 minutes, my oldest recognizing a couple of the girls and my youngest enjoying the company of a whole slew of new friends.

About 15 minutes before we needed to leave, four of the boys with Camp Oz were standing on the slide, stopping anyone else from coming down. The camp leader made one of them time out by a tree by me and went on about his job of keeping an eye on the kids.

...10 minutes later, as I was getting ready to leave, I headed over to him and whispered, "Um, sir, the young man you set by the tree is still patiently waiting there."

His eyes got wide and he thanked me-- he'd forgotten the boy was there. As the only one being punished out of four, you could just -tell- that being forgotten was going to completely ruin his day. He was so happy to be allowed up and get to go play again (:

When we got back in the truck at 10:30, it was already 94 degrees!

Got some bubble gum at the local Rite Aid on our way home-- and had the worst experience with bubble gum I've EVER had in my life!!!

I was showing the boys how to blow bubbles and it popped. That's happened before. What -hasn't- is that I couldn't get it OFF my lips. We were all of 1 turn from the house, so after I parked, I headed to the bathroom and tried wiping it off with a wet paper towel-- did well for all except my actual lips. They're still raw from rubbing them so fiercely to get the gum off and my mouth was sticky for hours afterward. I'm just glad I didn't get it in my -hair-!

My boys thought it was hysterical and were way more careful with their gum than Momma was (;

Then I set up the grill and made Bacon Wrapped Chicken while the rice cooked for lunch. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY (it usually does, and it's one of my family's favorite meals!)

Recipe is stupid easy: take semi thawed chicken breasts, wrap in strips of bacon, put in tin foil like a baked potato. In the oven, bake at 350 for an hour, then unwrap them and broil for a minute or 2 to crisp the bacon. On the grill, heat 1 side, put the chicken on the other (temp will be about 350-400) at the 30 minute mark, switch around ... See moretheir positions to make sure they cook evenly, at the hour mark, unwrap them and grill them directly over the coals for about 1-2 minutes, then flip for the same amount of time, again, to crisp the bacon. Rice cooks in the same amount of time and viola! (:

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