Friday, July 23, 2010

The Boy's Multi-Year Plan

Okay, so anyone who was around when my oldest was 2 is going to know first hand this is absolutely true.

He made himself a multi-year plan, and would tell anyone who paused long enough about it (:

At 2, my boy would say, "When I'm four, I get to ride a big-boy bike. When I'm five, I get to go to school. When I'm seven, I get to have a sewing machine and learn how to sew. When I'm nine, I'll get to ride a horse. When I'm fourteen I can start dating girls. When I'm eighteen, I can get my own motorcycle."

Well, my darling boy-o is now eight.

At four, not only did he get a big boy bike-- he learned how to ride it -without- the training wheels!

At five, we went school shopping for the first time and he absolutely adored his first year at school (:

As he approached seven, he reminded me about his plan. Unfortunately, I could not find a simple sewing machine that wasn't pink or purple. I looked for over a year and couldn't find one. And the next step up was well over a hundred dollars. Which is a heck of a lot more than I wanted to spend for something he might not end up liking (and I already have my own nice sewing machine).

Well, yesterday, my friend Shelly's status on facebook was that she was getting rid of her barely used sewing machine for $20. I emailed to see if anyone else had already claimed it, and we set up this morning for the boys and I to head up there.

I didn't tell the boys why we were headed there. Just told them to put on their shoes and hop in the car. Being the wonderful children they are, they hopped to.

So when we stopped at a large fence, and I pulled out my cellphone, a choir chirped from the backseat, "Why did we stop here, Momma?"

And I reminded my now eight year old of his plan and how I'd not been able to get what he wanted then. That's when my youngest asked, "Is there something special for me too, Momma?"

I told him there might be, I just needed to see if my friend still had it.

So today, my eight year old got his own sewing machine!

I taught my boy how to set up his machine, how to set up the needle and foot, and then I introduced him to one of the best sewing lessons I ever got.

I was a freshman in college, I hadn't touched a sewing machine since I was in home ec. in seventh grade. I walked into the costume shop and Sharon Foster, the costumer, asked me if I knew how to sew. My response was that I didn't know. So she set me down at the sewing machine, as I did my son this afternoon:

With a blank needle and a lined piece of paper.

I had my boy following the blue lines. Teaches how to hold the material properly, how to guide the material, and how to sew a straight line (:

He did a GREAT job! He's looking forward to using his new skills on cloth tomorrow (:

And my youngest got my piano keyboard-- and from Shelly, I got him an enormous (and I mean -enormous-) box of sheet music/songs/guides for playing the piano.

He's enjoying discovering all the fun features. And I showed him how to play Twinkle Twinkle little Star. We'll need to practice it a bit, but the boy has natural talent for music (:

...Though now I'm thinking my oldest is -definitely- going to be visiting my mother next summer...because otherwise, I'm not sure how I'm going to manage a horse (lol).

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