Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cheap Dates

So the other evening, as I'm getting my boys settled for bed, I ask my youngest, "If you could do -anything- tomorrow, what would you like to do?"

His first response was, "Everything!"

But I asked him to narrow it down. And he said, "Oh! I know! I'd like to go on a field trip!"

So I asked him where he'd like to go, and he said, "The playground!"

And so, yesterday morning, after having our breakfast of chocolate doughnuts, we got dressed and headed over to the local park.

It was a -beautiful- morning! 10 am and 79 degrees.

And my boys had a wonderful time getting to play.

If you can't already tell, I have some -serious- climbers (:

This is NOT a picture of him sliding down-- he moved too fast for me to catch that (;
Nope, it's a picture of him climbing right back up (:

My oldest is -really- good at the monkey bars-- goes across them forward and backwards.

My accomplished climber (:

My youngest was climbing up to try the monkey bars like his brother. But decided to go over on the single bar instead.

My boys have to climb up to get to them-- it's a rule we have at our house that both of them can tell you (since it's been around since they were each 2.): No one will help you climb. If you're going to climb up, you have to be able to do it on your own. And once you're up, you're the one who has to get you back down.

It might seem like a harsh rule: I've stood there under the tree and talked each of them on how to climb themselves back out. And told them how to get themselves unstuck (even when my oldest was hanging upside down by a single foot). But here's the logic behind it: If THEY get themselves back down, then 1. they know that they can, 2. If they choose to climb trees when someone (read: me) isn't right under them to help when they get stuck-- they aren't treed-- they can get back down, and 3. It helps teach them the limits. Limits of what the branches will hold, limits to where they can safely climb-- so that they aren't likely to go where they're actually going to get hurt.

As a result, I have the two best tree (and pole) climbers in the neighborhood!

I like to think they came by it honest: When I was growing up, my Momma taught my sister and I to climb trees-- sort of grew up believing that a happy tree was a tree that was getting climbed. Like to think I've passed on the same belief to my little boys.

The other thing they LOVE doing is swinging!

My youngest actually spent close to an hour swinging and jumping out (:

I love all the 'framing' opportunities our local playground provides.

All in all, we spent 2 hours at the playground before it started getting too hot to stay.

Although there aren't any pictures of them (I don't take pictures of other's children without their permission), there were plenty of kids for my boys to play with. My youngest spent his time with a girl he went to preschool with, and my oldest played tag with three girls who ride his bus.

All in all, a wonderful cheap date with two of my favorite guys (:

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