Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ft. Rucker Freedom Fest 2010

So when I went to the shire meeting the last Sunday of June, a couple of my friend mentioned that Ft. Rucker would be doing their Freedom Fest on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I looked up Ft. Rucker's flyer for the event.

We decided we were headed out for about 5. Stopped at the bank for a bit of cash for the Children's Fun Zone.

They had the parking divided up pretty smart-- put Ozark parking closer to Ozark, same for Enterprise, etc. We didn't have to walk very far to get into the Fest. Then, before deciding on any activities, we walked around the entire thing first.

The first thing we came to was a tribute to the soldiers from Alabama and Florida that have died in current war.

Then we visited the helicopters.

I love how excited they get when they're in the cockpit.

My boys love getting to see the helicopter and pretend to be pilots (:

See? Proof that I was there too (;

This one was amazing-- though you weren't allowed in the cockpit.

If you look really carefully, you can see him looking at me through the hole.
This one had a really interesting top and some cool hats.

Then we got to see a really cool old time fire truck!

And of course, after 30 minutes of walking through the helicopters and hearing kids honking the horn...MY children would be the only ones who discover how to operate the crank siren (lol).

Then we took a break in the shade.

Before heading to the Kid Zone. And that was a -great- deal! $16 for both of the boys for unlimited rides.

We started with the slide and then the wealth of bouncer houses.

Mark got tired of carrying -2- pair of shoes (; So he stuffed my youngest's into my oldest's. The kids got a kick out of it.

The boys favorite bounce house (:

Then we took a break in the shade for a bit of icecream and goodies.

A moth stopped to share the moment with us.

It's a wonder sometimes how nice it is to just sit in the grass in the shade and have a bit to cool off.

Those sausages had been tempting him since the first time we passed through (:

Prognosis: MMMmm!

Then we took the boys through 'boot camp' (:

After that, we took our chair to find a place to sit for the fireworks.

After a minute of sitting and listening to the music, my guys headed back to the bounce area and I enjoyed the music and a good book until it got too dark to read.

We entertained (and were entertained by) our little boys for the next hour. And shortly after 9, the fireworks started (:

They had some truly -amazing- fireworks! Flowers, peace signs, dolphins, planets, smiley faces! If I hadn't seen them, I wouldn't have known they could that!

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