Monday, July 26, 2010


My friend Carin wrote today, "Love + _________= Happiness (???)"

There were some interesting, and some very good, answers.







But I just watched Donnie Darko with my husband last night. So of course, I flash to the 'self help' videos. And Donnie Darko being called up to the board with a scale that read:


And was asked to place on it where a girl who found a lost wallet, returned it to the right address but kept the money.

His response was that there are more than 2 emotions. You can't pretend that the rest of the emotions don't exist. And you can't place petty theft on a scale of Love to Fear when there are only two options.

So what does this have to do with Carin's post?

Very little except love and mathematics (;

What her quote DID remind me of though, was wishing on stars.

Wee, when I was a little kid, like any little kid, I made the usual wishes. A pony. A piece of candy. Whatever. But sometimes, I made more important wishes. Like when my mother was in the hospital. Or my sister was running a 103+ fever. Or... well, you get the idea.

When I was about 10. I stopped wishing for the silly things. If I made a wish that wasn't a prayer, I wished for Happiness.

Took me about four years to realize that "Happiness" is a pretty elusive thing to wish for. And if you actually think wishing for it without thinking about what it is is going to make it happen-- you're NOT going to find it.

So one day, I thought about. I mean, sat down and -really- thought about it. I was about fourteen.

And I changed my wish for the final time.

Since I was about 14, my only wish, when I make them, is for "Everything we need and some of what we want." To me, that is the equation that = Happiness.

And sometimes, instead of wishing as the stars twinkle, I simply close my eyes and say, "Thank you" for the happiness that is in my life.

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