Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know that I've said it before,

but it remains true: Children should come with a warning label!

So today, just as my oldest is getting ready for Karate and my youngest is supposed to be putting his shoes on, I'm in my restroom washing my hands.

When I hear my oldest hollering at his brother for taking bologna out of the fridge without asking. I go ahead and holler, "It's alright. He can have it."

And then they're both at my bathroom door.

I will say that I am extremely grateful that my boys have always looked out for each other.

Because what I hear on the other side of the door is my oldest say, "Mom, he's -choking-!"

I immediately flung the door open and began sweeping the bologna out of his mouth. He'd put the entire piece in his mouth. I could hear him gasping, so I could tell he wasn't completely stopped, but he was still choking, so I did a second sweep. I accidentally scratched the very back of his mouth in the process. I was getting ready for the heimlich maneuver and hoping to god that I would remember how to do it properly, when I said, "Spit it out, baby! Spit it out!!"

And he did. The piece that was causing all the trouble was about dollar coin in size. After I was sure he was breathing okay, I turned to clean up the mess and saw a little bit of blood in the sink.

I briefly considered freaking out, but instead, I had his brother grab me a flash light and had my youngest open his mouth so I could check him out. That's when I discovered I'd scratched the back of him mouth when I was getting the majority of the bologna out of it.

Between the three of us, we had a brief discussion on why you shouldn't put a whole bunch of food in your mouth at once. Because, as they both pointed out, "You can CHOKE!"

This has been the summer of doctor visits and learning NOT to freak out.

In May, we had to take my oldest to the emergency room because he stabbed himself in the leg with his 3/4 inch pocket knife while trying to cut cardboard. Again, both of my boys rushed to me, this time my youngest son announcing, "Mom! He's bleeding! He stabbed himself!"

The doctor held his small puncture closed and super glued it. I should have insisted on stitches. He has an purple mildly raised scar there now because it was sealed-- but didn't stay -closed-.

In June, we had to take my youngest in for surgery to have a Chalazion removed from his lower left eye lid. It's healed up beautifully.

Two weeks ago, my oldest discovered that the monkey bars on the play set we've had out in the backyard for the last 4 years has paint peeling off the top of one of the bars and there's split wood there-- he ripped a thumb length chunk out of his palm. Thankfully, it was only the first layer or two of skin and has healed up just fine.

And not 3 days before my youngest's follow up appointment a month later for his eye (read: Last Wednesday)-- he's gotten a stye in the upper lid of his right eye! Fortunately, the doctor prescribed antibiotic drops and we're using as warm as he can stand compresses so we don't have to have another surgery! I am glad to report that this one finally came to a head today and is already starting to look better.

Yeah, I know I've said it before, but it's absolutely true:

Children should come with a warning label.

And an owner's manual.

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