Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kali's Circus/ Boarding School

So I had a dream last night, that even though it woke me up several times, just kept going. So I'm very tired this morning, but it's still on my mind.

It started out as I was thinking about medieval games. In particular medieval cards. A friend of mine brought a particular deck to my attention.

It's a reproduction of a Mamluk deck.

See, our shire has decided that year's shire game is going to be painted/illuminated decks of cards for each family. I have to admit, I'm very excited. And we need to start designing and planning them to make sure they'll be ready for Yule. And so I was doing like I do with most art projects-- I started thinking about them in my sleep.

So as I began designing cards, I was also thinking about the Tarot decks. When you're researching medieval cards and medieval card games, you're going to come across Tarot decks. Funny thing is that historically, they weren't used for Tarot readings in period. That was done with regular card decks.

So my dream transitioned and I was using a regular card deck to do tarot readings at Kali's Circus/ Boarding School.

First, I should mention who Kali is. I've briefly mentioned her before in other blogs. She is the Hindu goddess of Eternal energy, time and change.

And I was a student at her Circus/Boarding school. And as suggested it was a combination of performance and learning.

I woke up before I'd read all the cards, so I don't know what the fortune was.

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