Friday, July 23, 2010

Lucky Toad

Okay, so back in May, I had an "I know you!" moment with a toad.

We'd moved the trailer out of our yard and come across the toad and the kids were picking it up and holding it.

Got a GREAT picture of my oldest holding it.

Well, that evening, I saw it again in the laundry room, and I -recognized- it!!

I'd seen it in August a year before, in pretty much the exact same spot. And I recognized it for the white patch it has on it's back!

Back in May, it visited us for four evenings and then moved on its way. I was afraid the dogs had stepped on it, but they actually avoid it...kind of like they do the cat when he's pissy (;

Well, I saw it day before yesterday, in the morning.

Enjoying a nice soak in the dog's water dish. (lol) When I dashed off to get my camera, I'd apparently scared it off and missed the opportunity.

Well, it came back last night (:

We call it our Lucky Toad and think of it like another pet-- but one we don't have to do anything for (lol).

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