Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thinking in My Sleep

Or "Hoping to Go to School in the Fall".

So I figured it's getting kind of late in the season not to have heard back from financial aid. It's less than a month until classes start again. So I called them on Monday to find out my status, and was informed that I have a Satisfactory Academic Progress hold that I need to appeal.

I filled out the form and printed out the paper work and created a letter of appeal on Monday...but didn't put it in the mail, even though it will take them 2-3 weeks to process it.

Instead, I let it sit on top of my filing cabinet so I could think about it.

See, I transferred into Troy with about 180 credit hours from my two previous universities. And Financial Aid requirements say you can't take more than 150% of your credit hours to complete your planned degrees.

Most degree programs are 120 hours. Time and a half is 180 hours.

Troy requires completing 2 years worth of courses in order to graduate.

I transferred IN with 180 hours.

That, right there, is why it took me 3 days to sleep on it and think about it. I puzzle things out in my sleep. Hell, I write papers and poetry and make compositions for my art in my sleep!

It has always worked like this: There is something I need to think about and figure out. I gather all of my information (remember all the printouts?) then I sleep on it. And I think.

It was clearer on Tuesday than it had been on Monday, so I revised my letter. But it still wasn't -right-. Something. Something was still off. So it sat on my filing cabinet another night.

And this morning, when I woke up, I'd figured it out.

See, I'm not just completing a single major. I'm double majoring. I already knew that. For a Bachelors of Science in Theatre (120 hours) and a Bachelors of Fine Arts, 3D Concentration (72 hours). Combined, that 192 hours. Time and a half is 288 hours.

I've currently completed 211 hours. I only need 45 to complete my degrees. That's 256. Over 30 hours less than the maximum number of allowed hours.

BUT!!! I realized on my paperwork where the two problems are: 1. My degree programs have me listed accurately for theatre, but only have me down for the -36 hour- bachelor of science. And 2. I still need to submit my substitution forms so that all my 'general education credits' that I transferred in with will be substituted for the Troy acceptable classes-- and will show that I've already completed all of my general requirements and most of my major requirements as well-- and all before I started at Troy to begin with. Right now, they look like fluff classes that don't do anything to complete my degrees. But I've already gotten them filled out, signed by my advisers and 2 of the appropriate Deans. This fall, I'll be getting the rest of the signatures so that I can submit my paperwork to the Registrar's Office before the end of the fall 2010 semester.

So please keep me in your thoughts that they can clearly see this and approve my appeal, so that I CAN go to classes in fall.

Because if it all works out, having started my college education in Fall 1995-- I will finally, FINALLY have my bachelor degrees in Fall of 2011.

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