Monday, November 8, 2010


So far, this has been my absolute favorite of the printing techniques. It's painting! With ink (: And it's unlike all other types of prints because "mono" means -1-. You can make similar but you can't make them exact (:

Our first assignment was in black and white.

I called it "eldooD" because I'd drawn a doodle that I used as the basis to make the image. And we had to make 2 prints, so my second:

I called "eldooD II". I'd done an immediate printing off the same monoprint as the first without reinking it-- which is where the light grays came from. Then I re-inked, but only in the areas that are now black (:

After doing these, we were allowed to play with color.

I was still working with doodles, so my first attempt was

which is actually untitled. What I did was lay my doodle under my clear plexi-glass and paint it in red. Then I did it again in black and turned the paper. Thought it was an interesting result. (:

Then I worked on mixing paint colors. LOVE the background color I managed in "Down by the River".

But I have to admit that my final mono-print is my absolute favorite:

I call it "Lucky Toad". It's an image of my eight year old holding our yard toad.

If I was going to identify this year, I'd call it the year of the Lucky Toad. We saw this toad in the spring, and I recognized it from two years ago. Well, we've seen it off and on for the last seven months and enjoyed seeing it each time.

I'm thinking about trying to recreate Lucky Toad in a variety of colors.

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