Sunday, November 7, 2010

Speaking of Zombies....

Okay, so our latest assignment in printing was to take a famous composition, previous to the 20th century, and 'update it'.

Fortunately for me, Mucha's Dancer

was done in 1898, -just- under the wire!

I have to admit, what I chose to do for the project was influenced by a couple of things. First, the assignment was given just before Halloween. Second, I'd originally chosen a much older image I wasn't really feeling, but my classmate Heather chose Lady Godiva's Ride, which reminded me that I could choose something I liked. And I'm a big fan of Art Nouveau. Third, another classmate, James, was doing a zombie- and so I thought, "Wouldn't it be interesting to imagine the ravages of time in the image?"

We were using a new technique-- you put hardground on the surface of copper than scratch it away, then etch it in acid. I took a picture of my copper plate before dipping it, for fear it wouldn't survive the acid process.

I was supposed to let it sit in the acid bath for an hour, but I was so worried my hardground was on too light, that I took it out at 35 minutes-- which turned out to be -exactly- the right time.

And so I present, "Mucha's Zombie"

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