Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Spirit of the Gulf Challenge Update

Okay, so back when the bp spill happened, I blogged about it, The Gulf Coast Disaster, and Suzanne McDermott issued a challenge to all artists: she challenged every artist who receives this invitation to make one drawing, painting, collage — or to use whatever medium you work in — to create a piece of beauty with love and gratitude to honor some scene or living being in the Gulf. This is a consciousness raising opportunity.

And at the time, I promised that I would participate.

So here is my contribution.

I'm taking printmaking this semester for the first time. The above print was done from a dry-point on plexi-glass and is entitled, "Touching the pulse of the Gulf".

I made it from an image of my now 8 year old when he was 3 and visiting the Gulf for the very first time and managed to capture a moment of wonder as he discovered some of the life living in those waters.

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