Friday, December 17, 2010

Color and Tech 2010

One of the required courses in the Art Department at Troy University is Color and Tech. It teaches you to see the variations in colors, shades and tints, and understand how the work on the computer, and how the work differently in paint.

Our very first assignment was to select colors on the computer that represented to us, the word given.

Our second assignment was to overlay a light layer of tint and shade-- then match those colors by adjusting the actual numbers instead of just putting a layer over it.

Our next assignment was to label and identify the primary, secondary and intermediate colors, as they show up in the light spectrum.

The we generated color wheels in both CMY (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) and RYB (Red, Yellow and Blue) The reason for this exercise is because CMY truly will make any other color, but we all grew up using RYB-- that was because when the color wheel was originally created, man didn't have the ability to make cyan or magenta.

Then we moved into the value scale of grays without color:
Our first 'real' assignment was called "In and Out" and using the value scale to generate it. This was mine:

Then we added color to the lesson-- trying to see the value scale of colors:
Then we had to try to arrange them in order.
The next assignment was to take the first 4 letters of our name and using 8 different colors, generate a simple design that would have the same value.

Then we moved onto a project called "babies". The idea was to place the same color in the center, but by putting it on it's parents, make it look like the OTHER color.
Then we had to paint our babie's project out and try to match the colors we'd made on the computer. I think I got fairly close! I chose my first pair (:

Then we had the opposite assignment-- to take 2 different colors and make them look like the -same- color:
We had an assignment called, "Radiation" that was supposed to look like it was radiating from the image.

One of my favorite assignments was called "Analogous and Complimentary" :

Then we had to take an image and adjust the CMYK values in each portion.

We had to paint a grayscale image with various hues-- I misunderstood and added too much chroma. I call it "Pet Peeve #1". If I actually get around to it, I'm going to do another one in the proper grayscale with mild adjustments in color, and I'll call that one "Pet Peeve #2" (;

Then we had to use Cyan, Magenta and Yellow-- no ACTUAL black, and try to make black. Believe it or not, but the below image actually looks black from across the courtyard.

Then he gave us a pantone swatch, and we had to try to match it with paint. I got fairly close, but didn't get it exactly. Needed more blue and white.

Then he gave us an interest assignment where we ended up sticking a whole lot of toothpicks in an orange (lol). Then we had to draw out the colors we ended 'selecting'. Then we needed to use the computer to generate the colors.

All of this was in preparation for doing our 'design' assignment. We needed to generate 2 designs that could be repeated-- below is the pattern I created for our 'baby' line.

Then we selected one of our color palettes for it:

And had to switch colors around/ try another palette for variety:

Then we had to do a "Young Adult Modern" repeatable pattern. This was mine:

Then we did the same thing with the color palettes:

And the alternatives:

The last project that we turned in on the cd was where we had to make the same color look like 2.

There were a couple of other assignments, but because they ended up in previous blogs all by themselves, they are not represented here (;

Looking back on it, in 16 weeks, we did a LOT of assignments!

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