Friday, December 17, 2010

Fall 2010 Printing with Image-On

Of all the processes we learned in print-making this semester, I can honestly say that Image-On is the one I absolutely hated. Below is the image I created for our first Image-On assignment.

I absolutely adored it. It's from my photograph of some of the flowers in my yard, that I overlays transparent images of the butterflies on. Yup. The butterflies were not actually in this image to begin with. Then I added the quote.

Unfortunately, the image-on process was a complete failure for me and the end result was a mess.

So then we had our next Image-On assignment. This time, we were using a transparent sheet to create our image on, using ink, dark pencil and ink wash. Below is the image I created for this assignment.

Then came the Image-On process. I had my plastic template cut to size, put the blue sheet of image-on on it...and ended up with a huge rip in the middle...and no more image-on to replace it with. Crap. So I decided to turn my image and crop it. Below is the result.

The rip in the image -is what gives the right side it's ragged look. I liked that happy accident enough that I duplicated it on the left. The end result in titled "Storm Kings".

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