Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Prints for Fall 2010

For our final assignment in printing, we were told we had to do something experimental-- either combining 2 or more of the processes we'd already learned, or we could try our hands at screen printing. I decided to try the screen printing.

As I was thinking of ideas for what I wanted to do, I had a phone conversation with my mother, and she asked me to design her a silhouette geisha. So I decided that was what I'd do for my final printing assignment.

First, I created a drawing in pencil.

I made sure to take a picture of it because I wasn't sure if the inking/marker process would end up ruining it.

But it turned out just fine. (: Then I uploaded it into the computer to refine it.

But I didn't want to do just a single image. So I drew another one.

And photographed it before inking as well, for the same reason.

Then uploaded that into my computer as well.

Have to admit, very pleased with the end results (: Now I just have to send my mother her copies!

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