Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hell is an airport full of other people

So I've sort of fallen behind of writing in here-- not that there haven't been ideas, only that there hasn't been time. The dream I had last night was strange enough to make time.

So I dreamed that the devil openly ran the airports-- everyone knew they were run by Satan, but it was just so damned convenient, we all used it anyway. And it wasn't the "let me tempt you into hell" kind of run by Satan. It was the "layaway down payment in eternal damnation" kind of run by Satan.

What I mean is, it didn't matter what side you came in on-- your terminal was -always- on the other end of the miles long airport. And you couldn't check your bags until you got to your terminal. And there were no shuttle buses-- you had to walk those miles, with your family, friends, (insert whomever it is you were traveling with), all carrying your luggage, with the millions of other people trying to get to their terminals as well.

Up and down miles of escalators, that may, or may not be working. With millions of OTHER people trying to get to their terminals as well.

When you got to your terminal, you were always just tired enough to be cranky and irritated, but NOT tired enough to fall down exhausted and go to sleep. As were the millions of other people arriving at the same terminals.

There were no restaurants. No bringing your own food. But once you got to your terminal, there were little stands with candy dishes on the top-- the one closest to me was filled with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. King Sized. The one I watched a man gorge himself on was full of Hershey's Chocolate Bars. --But this place is still run by Hell, so we all know it's a form of temptation, and generally try to avoid them.

Anyway, as we were coming down the last long flight of stairs (okay, it -would- have been an escalator, if it had been working...though in retrospect, all the ones going UP away from the terminal we all needed to get to were working just fine...) the boys were chattering about a neighbor who's wife had died and the sermon the preacher gave-- the end result of which was Mark and I teaching the boys the Lord's Prayer-- in the middle of walking down a long escalator, in an airport we all know is run by the devil with millions of other people glancing over in surprise with raised eye-brows in a, "Isn't that a little inappropriate, considering the situation?" kind of way.

So we get to our terminal, where a surprisingly friendly concierge, who we all know openly works for the devil, informs us that each person can have a single piece of candy (which we all know is a form of temptation in this place), that we'll have to time it just right to get into the restroom (there's only one stall and the door opens randomly and already had at least a thousand people waiting to get in), and he was terribly sorry, but our flight had been delayed by about 3 hours and we would just have to wait here-- with the millions of other people who were going to have to wait as well.

Surprisingly, everyone was being very patient. THANKFULLY, everyone was being very patient.

So I decided to look around and came across an old 1980s television set that was obviously hooked into cable-- and just as obviously NOT plugged in-- because the outlet was completely over full with cords that ran off in the distance. Just as I was trying to decide 1) if plugging the television would actually get it to work (after all, this place was run by hell), or 2) what would happen if I unplugged any of those things to TRY to plug in the television, I was distracted by Johnny Depp as he was in the 80s, sitting at one of the few tables with Justin Long as he looks now, both of them deciding it was time to entertain themselves, and starting to make funny bird calls.

And as I started to wake up, Sarte's, "No Exit" crossed my mind: Hell is other people...

But I was also thinking, "Yes, it was irritating, and hot, and bothersome, and annoying-- but no one broke out fighting. No violence. Everyone was pretty nice to each other, considering. Because it -wasn't- actually hell. It was still earth-- even if it was a layaway down payment on torment. And we all have the choice to decide how we behave towards each other-- whether we make it a hell or we make it bearable."

So I woke up wide awake thinking: Hell -could be- other people... but it certainly doesn't HAVE to be.