Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Things Middle Eastern

Three years ago, I attended my first SCA event in Meridies: All Things Middle Eastern. It was my first event without my family, my first overnight event since joining the SCA, and my first feast. And it was spectacular. So much so, that I knew it was an event I would never miss. And haven't for the last three years.

And this year, the shire that put it on is closing their doors, making ATME 2010 the last one.

I loved the wealth of classes offered-- from warm ups for bellydancing, to a plethora of dance classes. I had to make some hard choices between classes to take!

The food was amazing, from traveler's fare Friday night, breakfast, lunch, feast, and breakfast the following morning (: The couscous and chicken were so good, in fact, that as I took a nap yesterday, I actually dreamed about it, trying to figure out the recipe!

I contacted the feastocrat, and he was kind enough to share the recipe!! Thank you so much, Christoph!

" The couscous is easy, prepare as directed on package and fluff. Sautee sweet onion, summer squash, zuchicci, and carrots in butter, mix together.

The chicken is marinated in a bottle on lime juice, 1/2 cup lemon juice, one cup white vinegar, and three tablespoons of thyme leaves. This will marinate about 6 breasts or 12 thighs, dark meat takes a marinade better than white meat. Marinate for at least 5 hours, but no more than 8 in the refrigerator. Then you can grill it or fry it in a light oil."

I enjoyed getting to see everyone, even if only briefly. It was wonderful to spend time with friends that I see so rarely.

And my shire was blessed to be chosen along with two other shires to be given the wealth of their feast supplies. But our shire was the only one with a representative that came to collect, and so the shire of Flintmarsh received their entire stock:

A site sign.
A stack of people's devices for heraldic display around the fighting field.

All of this stuff is in, what my husband and I affectionately call, our "Three Man Coffin". And it was packed completely full of cooking and service gear.

Thank you so much to the former Shire Brantestone!

And All Things Middle Eastern will live on in my memories as one of my all time favorite SCA events.