Friday, August 20, 2010

Plans and what's supposed to be my 'easy' day of the week...

Okay, I'm going to start with today and work my way back. (;

This morning, as I have for the last 2 weeks, my internal alarm clock has pitched me out of bed at 4 am. I don't know -why- I can't sleep until 5:30, but there it is. After getting the boy's snacks and lunches ready, I woke up my darlings for breakfast and starting our day. At 6:30, it was teeth brushing so we'd be outside by 6:35 for the bus.

...which wasn't there. And still not there at 6:40...6:55....and 7:05.

At that point, my plans needed to change. See, I'd planned to load them on the bus and mow my front yard for tomorrow-- all the rain means some of my yard is clearly knee high and needs to NOT be anymore. I don't have much time for yard work currently, so I was going to use this one 'free' hour to get this done. But at 7:05, I loaded my boys in my truck and headed for my oldest's school. I got them dropped off at 7:15-- with 5 minutes to spare before the bus that comes for my youngest would be leaving. Whew!

Then it was a quick trip to the house to gather up Maggie and Isabeau. They're my 2 long haired dogs and in the last week they've done more shedding than they did all summer! I know why. Or more accurately, I -think- I know why. See, all summer, I've brought them inside between 10 am and 3 pm. With weather as hot as it's been, I couldn't leave them out in that, even though they have plenty of water and shade. BUT-- now that the boys and I are in school-- I'm not here to let them in from 10 am to 3 pm. Both of them have had to be plucked like chickens and it wasn't doing any good!

So I set them up an appointment with the groomers for this morning. Got them dropped off on time at 8, then turned around and headed to the other elementary school in Ozark. My oldest son has been accepted into the gifted program (: Have to admit, very proud of him! He's going to love it, I'm sure! I know I always did (:

But they don't actually offer it at his school, so I needed to go sign paperwork to permit him to spend one day a week at the other school so he can participate. You could tell that some of the parents didn't know anything about the TAG program-- but I had places to go, so after 40 minutes, I asked if she could just show me where my signature was needed so I could get going.

Then it was a rush to Troy to work in the costume shop. We're getting everything organized and arranged, so I spent the next (almost) 2 hours sorting gloves and ties before needed to hop back in my car and head home to pick my girls up (the dogs) before my boys will be home.

Then we'll head into our evening portion of the activities.

I'm thinking I'm just going to sleep through Sunday..... if I can turn my internal alarm clock off for 4 am...