Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creativity isn't a fountain pen

Okay, so I've been into the current semester for a week shy of 2 months now. And I have to admit, I was really kind of worried at the beginning because I just wasn't feeling it. The creativity, I mean.

I'm taking 3 art classes this semester. Color and Tech (which everyone warns is time consuming with a dragon for a teacher. It's really not, and neither is he. So far, I actually like both.) Sculpture III (which has a grand total of 3 students in it.) And Print Making. (Which I have to admit, I approached with beginning trepidation as a potato print experience in 3rd grade was the reason I didn't take -any- art classes again until I was a senior in high school.)

So I didn't feel the first Sculpture assignment. We were told to draw sketches for an earthwork. It didn't turn out badly, but I didn't feel like it was -ours-.

...Update 12/17/2010

Okay so I'd paused this blog to finish, and the semester is over and I'm finally getting back to it.

So I can look back on it and absolutely remember not having any creative motivation and fearing that I wasn't going to find it. It didn't mean I wasn't doing my assignments, only that I wasn't feeling them. It was shortly after this original post that I finally found my groove for the semester (as all the latest blogs can attest to.)

The point is that creativity isn't something you can just 'turn on'. But it IS something that will come along if you don't give up. If you go ahead and get started, usually the creativity will come to you.