Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eating Things

Somehow yesterday, my youngest and I got into a conversation about eating cats.

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He was informing me that only evil people do it, and I was trying to explain that in some parts of the world, cats are commonly eaten, but that doesn't make the people doing it evil. He looked at me in horror so I continued to explain that -we- don't eat cats because to us, they're pets and part of the family, but in the societies that do, they're just like cows and pigs to us.

This isn't the first time that eating things have gotten us into sticky conversations. We've previously had conversations about the cows and pigs, in fact. Except in that conversation, WE were the society doing the eating, where other societies believe one is holy and the other unclean.

We've also had conversations about cannibalism.

Hey, if you don't talk to you kids about eating other people, someone else will!

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This conversation is actually unavoidable in a house where zombies, werewolves and vampires are frequent fodder for conversation.

...Speaking of Zombies-- do you have any idea how hard it is to convince your children that you are indeed NOT a zombie, when one of their prime criteria for zombies is that they eat brains... and you've eaten brains?

After much running and screaming and making sure they were on the other side of the coffee table, they grilled me on the details:

When did you eat brains, Momma?

When I was in middle school.

Why did you eat brains, Momma?

It was in my science class in Germany, where our teacher was trying to explain to us that Europeans eat internals instead of muscle (which lead to a whole side conversation about different parts that are eaten and where in the world they prefer to do so.)

Were they people brains, Momma?

No honey. They were cow brains.

And all these questions were leading up to the question really burning in their minds:

Momma....what do brains taste like?

Well.... to be honest, they were like chicken McNuggets with too much garlic...

And the end lesson about eating things?

If you've ever wanted to convert your children from nuggets to burgers,

that's a pretty effective way to do it.

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