Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Day of School Spring 2011

I headed up to Troy today for 8 am to make sure I made it into the financial aid office before any lines formed. Was in there for a grand total of 5 minutes... with a whole lot of time to kill before my 11 am class.

So after checking the price of my books and deciding I was NOT going to be buying them at the campus book store!, I headed to the lounge of the Trojan Center to read a book for pleasure. While I was sitting there, a group of students gathered at the other set of comfortable chairs. I tuned out MOST of their conversation except this snippet,

"I got a Kindle for Christmas!" from the only girl in the group.

"Kindles are awesome, but you can get an app on the Droid that'll let you access them as well as the books from Amazon." from one of the gentleman to the left.

A male voice questions from the right, "What's a Kindle?"

Sam gentleman on the left, "It's books.... without paper. No page turning. Just a click of a button.... Welcome to the future!"

Have to admit, it made me giggle, and just before I had to head to class. Which lasted all of 20 minutes... leaving me with an hour and half before my second class.

So I'm sitting in the lobby with another art student and we're talking about the price of books and how they've set up a new system where you can rent them for about half the cost of purchasing them and I share the above story and she says, "They really could offer some of the text books online."

Her point was that even though the books would cost about as much-- you wouldn't have to CARRY all those huge books!

So take that a step further to the lower grade levels-- where we actually have news articles about how many pounds of books that children are being required to lug around. Imagine if ALL of their books were on a school Kindle?

Now that really IS looking at the future!

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