Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years

So I woke up yesterday morning trying to decide on New Years Eve plans. Mostly, this revolved around, "Do we go to bed at 8 or do we actually try to stay up?"

I asked Mark if he had any plans for the night....but my husband had completely forgotten it was New Year's eve.

The only person in our house who was excited about it was my eight year old, who kept asking me if we were going to stay up for it. I told him I didn't know.

On an aside, I'd like to mention that New Year's Eve doesn't feel like it when it's a beautiful 73 degrees outside all day long. So my kids spent a good portion of it riding their scooters and bikes, then all three of us headed into the backyard. I got to throw the dogs' tennis balls for them, alternating with pitching the wiffle balls for my boys. Even got to wave to the backyard neighbor.

My only plan for the day was when I woke Mark up to keep an eye on my youngest, then headed off to Dothan to get my oldest his new 'work boots'. My boy is growing like a weed, and as a result, only had 2 pair of shoes: the cowboy boots his Grandma Kathy gave him the last time we went up to visit, and the new tennis shoes that he'd gotten for Christmas.

Took him to the mall and a real shoe store (as opposed to just going to Wal-Mart) and we spent half an hour with him trying a couple of different pairs on and walking/running the isle to try them out. If he'd had his druthers, he'd have bought the first pair he picked up. We found his size and looking in the box, he proclaimed, "These'll do." It was at my insistence that he tried them on and tried them out. That's when he discovered they pinched at the heel. Two more pair in different styles later and we'd found his boots!

Since it was well after 2 in the afternoon, we went ahead and went to Popeye's for lunch. Have to admit, I had a lovely mini-day with my boy, just the two of us. Then we headed home. Turns out my guys at home had been playing video games while we were gone, so we all had a good, relaxing time (:

At about 4, Mark got a call from his Mom and finally realized that it was New Year's Eve. She invited us over for Captain D's and movies. The boys were absolutely thrilled! They love getting to go over to their Grandparent's. And we brought Pictureka! and Put-n-Take with us to play.

After dinner, Grandpa Tom had a selection of sparklers and firecrackers for the boys to do. And when those were all gone, we headed in an played the board games with Grandma Judy. Then we all sat down to watch, "Night and Day."

Fun and funny action movie. (: My youngest started to get antsy and was wondering if we were going to be staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house until morning and if we were going to sleep there. During the major action sequence-- he started exercising and zipping around like he was helping Tom Cruise win his fight scenes. At one point, he did 2 push ups on his knuckles. Mark asked him why he was doing them on his knuckles (which we all had to admit was impressive to begin with!) instead of doing it on flat hands, and my 5 year old responded, "Flat hand push ups are girl push ups, Dad." He had all three of us rolling with that one!

By the time the movie was over, it was about 10:30, so we headed to the Red Box (on an aside, who ever thought of that-- Millionaire Genius!) to return the movie and see what else we wanted to borrow. Mom wanted to see 'The Town' but that doesn't come out until January 11th, so we rented, "Eclipse" and "The Expendables". Figure I'll be watching the first with the boys when they wake up this morning.

We headed back to their place and watched the second, and I have to admit, that was all in all a great time! So many actors that we recognized and have always enjoyed watching. So many funny, funny things. I'm thinking we might need to buy that one.

And the New Year's hour? Well, it passed us right by. (lol) At 15 minutes after midnight, I glanced at my watch and said, "Oh! Happy New Year!" And not a minute later, Mark got a New Year text from his sister (: All in all, a great way to start 2011, in my opinion!

So I'll end this blog with my only New Year's related post made of facebook yesterday:

2011 is a prime number, which I am taking to mean that 2011 is going to be a prime year. Happy New Years' Eve, everyone. I hope that love, joy, and prosperity bless all of you!

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