Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not all Stories have the Desired End Result

Anyone with little boys is probably already going to know this, but they absolutely delight in all things gross. So bedtime tonight was characterized with lots of poots, giggles, and belching. And was the source for tonight’s story:

“Oh man! WHAT was that stink?!?” (proceeded by the giggling of two little boys)

“You’d best be careful with all of that, or you’ll end up in the Land of Ick!”

I bet that you didn’t know that if you fill a room with enough stink, it opens a portal to the Land of Ick. Now if you’re a stink bug or have no sense of smell at all, it’s probably your absolute favorite kind of place to vacation, but if you have a nose and it works even just a little bit, then it’s a terrible, horrible, awful place to be!

See, all the stinks in the world filter down and are condensed into their most foul, most concentrated nastiness and run like a river into the Land of Ick. But there are more than just smells that make up the Land of Ick—there are also the things that make those icky smells! So you wouldn’t be too surprised to know that every city dump has it’s own entrance to the Land of Ick…but you really can’t tell the difference between them.

Well, you have to be careful about filling your own room with poots and belches and farts and dirty socks and stinky feet, otherwise a portal to Ick opens up right there under your bed!

And if you do it often enough, you’ll burn a hole into your bed and fall right into that portal!

(Now, it’s at this point that I realize if the goal was to get them to stop pooting, I completely failed (lol) As now both of my little boys wanted to see if they could open up a portal to ick and see if they could burn a hole through their beds.)

“Good night boys!” I exclaimed as I evacuated the room as quickly as possible.

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