Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pay It Forward 2010

So if the weather decides to be cooperative tomorrow, I will get the last of my Pay It Forward 2010 out in the mail (:

See, last year, almost to the day, a friend on facebook had a status for Pay It Forward 2010, that read something like this:

I will make something handmade for the first five people who respond to this, but I decide what it is and I'll send it in a year. The catch is that you have to post it in your status and make something for the first five people who respond to yours. It doesn't have to be art-- it can food or whatever, but you have to make it for that person.

So after I had the people who responded to my list, being an art student, I kept them in mind through out the year as projects were assigned.

I completed my first, for my friend K Renea in April. It's the 6th image in my Klimt transformation project. I was done at 5, but I did the 6th for her and call it, "If Klimt Painted Otters."

I made this series with her in mind because she's a 5th/6th grade science teacher.

In the fall, with our first monoprints, my mind turned towards my friend Heather.

We play in the SCA together. In this part of the country, our Kingdom is Meridies-- whose colors and black and white. So I wanted to make her a piece in Kingdom colors. But SCA stands for Society for Creative -Anachronisms- so I wanted to do a modern piece for her.

My third monoprint a week later was made with my friend Jenny Rhea in mind.

I know that Jenny Rhea was in theatre and has had an interesting year with several ups and downs, so I wanted to make a piece for her that was visually exciting.

And my final friend Marshal, was the inspiration for my "Mucha's Zombie" project. As the inspiration, I've sent him the first edition of the run.

And I have to admit, because Marshal is the friend I knew the most about, I spent the majority of the year trying to think of just the right thing to make for him. When the assignment came up to modify a major work of art, and I had this idea, I hoped that I'd found the perfect gift for him, as he's a big fan of zombie related things.

I only had 4 friends respond last year.

Well, a couple of days ago, I started seeing, "Pay It Forward 2011" popping up-- and I wondered if I could do it. Because even though all of my projects were finished by November-- I didn't get any of the mail out until yesterday.

So instead of pledging to send them at some point in 2011, I've stuck with the mostly within a year frame work (;

And had several more people sign up than last year!

Already plotting ideas....

But I won't be sharing any of those until I'm all done and they're in the mail (;

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