Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today, I was walking across campus when I came across these dandelions growing out a crack in front of the stairs to the library and had to stop and take a couple pictures of them (:

I literally stopped, set my bag down, pulled out my cellphone, and smiled as I took these pictures.

A classmate of mine was passing by and even stopped to ask me what I was doing.

"Taking pictures of these dandelions" was the response I gave, with a smile.

See, when I was a senior in high school, and it came time for placing votes for 'class flower' I wanted dandelions. It didn't pass. They went with roses. No originality, I'm telling you.

And in college, my friend Cat and I got into a discussion of favorite flowers and I said that dandelions are one of my favorite wild flowers.

And she did something that most people don't. She asked -why-.

I told her about the high school flower vote and said, "The reason I wanted the dandelion to represent us is that no matter how hard dandelions are squashed, they never fail to thrive and come back."

And she made me a lovely wood burned plaque that I keep in my room that has this sentiment and lovely dandelion flowers on it (:

So today, as I was busily walking on my way and had almost passed them by, when I saw this one set of dandelions

pushing their way up through this tiny crack in the side walk, thriving while surrounded by concrete, it reminded me of their strength of character, and made me smile.

Besides, who doesn't love blowing their seed pods and making wishes?

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