Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baseball Season is Over

This spring, I signed up both of my boys at the local parks and rec for baseball. 

My youngest, at 5, was in T-ball.  This was his very first time with group sports.  And I have to admit, getting him interested in the beginning was a lot like pulling teeth.  But once he got the hang of it and realized it meant he got to play with new friends, he really got into it. 

One of the things that I love about T-ball is that it's a lot like watching someone try to herd cats.

See the resemblance?

Of course, he loved getting to bat just as much.

This is another of my favorite things about T-ball:  It's all about the kids having fun and learning a little bit about baseball.  So everyone gets to bat and runs all of the bases.  There is no tagging out.  There is also no score.  There's doesn't need to be at this age.

Taking his helmet off after running the bases.
 He also did well enough on the catching he was always on the infield.

Well...that's where he always -started- anyway...  (Remember the previous mention of herding cats?)

In the end, he had a wonderful time being a Giant.

And is very much looking forward to playing again next season.

As for my oldest, it's the second time that he's participated.  His age put him in the minor league-- where the definitely keep score, have umpires, and the kids work on improving technique.  I had a hard time accepting that some of his game, even though the age range is 8-10, weren't over until almost 9:30 at night, and that all of the games happened on school nights.  But the boys handled the resulting lack of sleep like troupers.

Every game happened at the same ball park:

He had an excellent coach and a talented group of teammates.  His absolute favorite part has always been hitting the ball... being hit by the pitchers three time this year put a bit of a damper on his enthusiasm.

(But only a bit.)  (;
I took him out to the field the day of his last game to take some pictures to document this season.

This season, his team, The Diamondbacks, won the league.

And my boy is a champion (:

He's already looking forward to another great season next year (:

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