Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ceramics, Sgraffito and Underglazes

The biggest thing I learned this semester in advanced ceramics is that I absolutely adore underglazes!  They allow me to pursue my favorite part of ceramics-- the decorative glazing. (:

One of our required assignments was sgraffito.  This is where you put a glaze down, cover it in a layer of wax, then use a scribe took (think of a metal toothpick) to scratch a design through the glaze and wax that you will then put a darker stain in.

This was my first attempt at sgraffito.
I liked doing sgraffito so much, I did a second one as well (:
 This is actually the -first- bowl that I made this semester.  But I didn't know how I wanted to glaze it.  I ended up spraying it, using my friend Carrie's technique.
Seven years ago, I bought a bowl with holes in it.  Less than a year later, Mark accidentally broke it.  I've looked for a bowl to replace it off and on since then, without any luck.  So I decided that if I couldn't find one-- I'd make my own (:

the underside of my favorite bowl that I made this semester (:
The inside of my favorite bowl.  I got to eat out of it the day we made breakfast outside and did the raku firing.  I have to admit, absolutely thrilled to have made a bowl I can -eat- out of!!
My friend Carrie liked my square bowl so she asked me to glaze one for her as well (:  This is the inside.
and this is the outside.  The single spiral continues from where the one on the inside is.  We're both very pleased with the way it turned out (:

 We were also required to make an 'organic' bowl (not a traditional geometric shape) and this is mine:
I decided that I wanted to try out the underglaze 'crayons'.  A couple of months ago, I saw a painting similar to this and like the design, so I thought I would make myself an 'Easter' bowl (:

The underside of my 'Easter' bowl
I also learned about using plaster to make molds.  Originally, I created these designs in the hope of using them for stepping stones for our Raku project...until I realized you can't use ceramics for stepping stones.
So I decided to create coasters instead.

Going to Michael's this weekend to get cork to put on the bottom of them so that I can put them in my living room.

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