Friday, May 20, 2011

Dragon's Breath

Tonight, my youngest asked me if we could have a snuggle story.  This is where both of my boys lay with me in my bed before heading off to theirs', tell me about their day, and I make up a story.  Tonight, between them, they decided they wanted a story about a Dragon Crystal.

So why isn't this post called, "Dragon Crystal"?  (lol)  (;  We'll get there!

And so the story began, "You know that dragons are known for being jewel collectors, didn't you boys?"

"Uh-huh." They chimed in unison.

"After all, we've all heard tales of the vast marvels of the dragons' horde."

"...Momma," my youngest interrupted, "what's a dragon's horde?"

"Oh, that's all the treasure they collect that they're always guarding.  You know:  gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, pearls and the like."

But all of these treasures paled in comparison to the one thing valued by dragons most:  The Dragon's Crystal.  You see, who ever possessed the Dragon's Crystal had the power to rule all dragons wisely, and was therefore made king of all the dragons.  And at the time, the dragon who had the crystal was the best king that had ever been.

But something happened.  The crystal was lost.  And the old king died.  And without a wise king to rule them, the dragons drifted apart and became loners, out to guard their own hordes and search for the Dragon's Crystal in hope of being the new king.

They searched for decades.  But the crystal was lost to the passage of time.  As was the story of the crystal.  And after a thousand years, no one searched for it, for no one remembered it had ever been.

Until one day, a little blue and red dragon (My oldest chimes in excitedly, "You mean like -my- dragon?" (referencing a glow in the dark dragon we got him at the Texas Renaissance Festival a year ago.)... "Your dragon is blue and red?" (a nod) "...Yes.  A blue and red dragon, just like yours.") and a little green and black dragon (which is the coloring of my youngest) were outside playing in their yard while their Momma dragon was inside making their all time favorite:  Dragon's Breath, for dinner.

They were playing tag, freeze tag and dodge the fireball...though if the Momma dragon had known about -that- one, she'd have put a stop to it, but they were having a good time and neither one got hurt.  After they got tired of doing aerial acrobatics and chasing their tails, the decided to play on the ground.

Now being dragons, and being boys, they were already prone to searching for treasure, so the two brothers decided to make themselves a treasure map.  They started under the big elm and walked 10 paces, counting it out.  Took 5 paces to the left, and lo and behold!  They found and 'x'!  (That the younger dragon has hastily scratched in the sand that very moment)

They began using their dragon claws to dig and dig and dig-- getting all sorts of sand in their scales.  When what should they find!  But a beautiful crystal!  They lifted it out together.  It wasn't very big, why hardly larger than their palm, but it was infinitely lovely and if you held it just right in the sunlight, it danced in a myrid of every imaginable color.

They decided at that moment to bring it inside to show their Mom, who happened to be opening the door to call them in, "Time for dinner boys, go wash your claws!"

"Mom!  Mom!" they shouted excitedly, "You have to see what we found!"

"Not until you've washed your claws for dinner boys."

"But Mom!..."

"I said go wash your claws for dinner." she interrupted, "You can show me -after- you've done as I've asked."

So the two little dragons huffed off to the stream to wash their claws.

"What did you boys want to show me?"

And they held up their lovely prize.

"What a pretty crystal!  You can keep it in your nest, just be careful not to break it, alright?  Excellent job on your first treasure, boys!  Now it's time for dinner."

Little did the three of them realized that the little dragons had found, the Dragon Crystal!  Remember, so much time had passed, no one remember it, and so the three of them did not recognize it for what it was.

That night, the two little dragons slept curled in their nest, each with a claw on the marvelous crystal.

And as they slept the stars danced across the heavens, shooting and sparkling in a way that had not been seen in centuries, proclaiming that a new king had been chosen!  The rest of the dragons looked to the sky and a trail of stars led them to the house of the three dragons.

In the early hours of the morning, Momma dragon was greeted by all the dragons of the world, kneeling and crying, "Please!  Tell us the name of the new king, for the Dragon Crystal has been found and a new king has been proclaimed!"

She was startled, and stammered, "...Give me just a minute." as she closed the door and rushed to her children's nest-- where both of her boys lay sleeping holding the Dragon Crystal.

After waking her children and bringing them out, there was much rejoicing and the as the two dragon brothers grew, they ruled their people with kindness, wisdom and compassion.  And once a week, they had Dragon's Breath for dinner.  ("Because Dragon's Breath is excellent for having adventures!", my youngest chimed in as my oldest informed me that the brothers also grew up to get married and everyone lived happily ever after.)

Then there were hugs and kisses and my boys asked if we could have dragon's breath this weekend (:

Dragon's Breath, the recipe

1 lb ground beef
1 container of sour cream
1 onion diced
garlic, salt and pepper to taste

package of egg noodle, cooked per directions on the package

Brown the ground beef, adding salt, pepper, the onions and garlic.  Once it's cooked, stir in the sour cream while the egg noodles are cooking.  When the noodles have finished, drain and serve with the sauce over the top of it.

If you do much cooking, you probably recognize this recipe as Beef Stroganoff.  It's always been one of my absolute favorites. 

But when my sister Amanda was about 2, my mother was making it one night and my sister pitched a -fit- claiming to hate it.  So I told her that our mother wasn't making beef stroganoff, she was making Dragon's Breath-- which all good dragons should eat so their breath will scare away the evil knights that periodically show up trying to skewer them on a lance.  She giggled and we ate dinner without any issues, and since then, it's always been called Dragon's Breath. (:

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